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About Me

IMG_2470Hello! My name is Sara Wegner and I am a blogger who is inspired by fashion/beauty, education and experiences. One thing everyone must know is that I love anything that has sparkles and or tiffany blue on it. I am also obsessed with giraffes. On the other hand, I am also someone who is a strong independent woman. I am so excited to embark on this journey with all of you! I have so much to share and so many experiences to enlighten you with. I hope to keep this page up and running with positivity and reassurance to all of you beautiful ladies and gentlemen out there! A little bit about my educational self: graduated from my community college with my Associates Degree in Science only to transfer and become an alumni at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I officially received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a leadership studies minor. Shortly after, I accepted a job with Accurate Personnel and am so excited to finally begin my career. I am a big family person and am the oldest of five children! I have been through a lot and also have a lot to give. I have made mistakes, learned my lesson, and turned it into a positive experience. I created Simply-Sara mainly because I love to write and share my thoughts, but also to be a positive outlet for others. I hope Simply-Sara can remain a positive page and I hope that my experiences and blogs bring you nothing but happiness and if anything, I hope you learn something new! 

If any questions arise please feel free to contact me.