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Dr. Lyon’s Calming Aid Soft Chews Dog Supplement

Hello all!

Cali & I are very excited to let you know about a Dr. Lyon’s Calming Aid Soft Chews Dog Supplement that we received from We recieved this item free of charge from in exchange for our honest review.

A little background on this calming aid supplement is that it helps keep your dog calm in stressful situations. Since this time of year is famous for fireworks and loud noises, this calming aid could not be more perfect. Most dogs are often afraid of fireworks and loud noises which causes them to react in ways that are out of their normal ways and even allow them to get stressed out. Dogs that become stressed out may stop eating and have many more issues. To prevent that, your local vet normally recommends some sort of calming aid for them to help out.

This product is guided by science and inspired by nature, and is formulated with key nutrients and herbal extracts chosen for their calming properties, including chamomile flowers, ginger root extract, vitamin B1, l-taurine and l-tryptophan—a natural amino acid that may help promote relaxation. This targeted blend of active ingredients helps promote balanced mood and calm behaviors in possibly stressful situations for your dog, including during thunderstorms, grooming or traveling. Plus, these soft chews are naturally flavored with cheese and liver so they’re a delicious treat you can give your pup to help with occasional stress. This information is seen on‘s website under the description of the product as well as key benefits.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who travels often with their pet and or is in an area where thunderstorms are common. We tried this product out a couple of nights ago where Cali was exposed to fireworks. Where we live, you can hear them almost as if they were in our own backyard. Although, she does do pretty well with fireworks, we wanted to make sure she would do fine as this was her first time seeing fireworks. She is about 7 months old going on 8 months in August and you just never know how they will react. This product kept Cali calm in a high stress environment and I did not notice any side effects which is always great.

This product is definitely one in which we will keep for a long time. I plan to use this product again and can feel confident doing so.

Have you tried this product? Head over to to get yours today! Did I mention that you get 90 soft chews in one container?! Definitely a must have item for your four legged baby.


Sara & Cali

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