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The Flood

May 17th 2018, I received a call at 4:39 PM from the fire department letting me know that my apartment had flooded and I needed to come home immediately. The only thing I kept thinking at the time while driving home from work was that I hope Cali was okay. However, “How did this happen?!” did cross my mind at one point. I remember calling my property manager all freaked out and she told me she gave the fire department my phone number to call me.. I was thinking, you’re kidding right?! Why didn’t you call me immediately?! Nonetheless, she was of no help that entire day.

I hung up with her and called Cameron. I told him that I was unsure of the circumstances but he informed me that he would come home from work if need be. I told him I would check back in with him to see the damage once I got home. I was hoping it was just a small leak somewhere and it only affected one room. After that, I called my grandma who practically acts as my mother and began questioning everything. I didn’t know how this could have happened when both of us were at work, how the dog was, what I was about to come home to and if the fire department was even still present.

After 30 minutes, I arrived home. I was welcomed by the fire department and my poor neighbors who had been standing outside as their home was also flooded. The fire department greeted me at the door since they had gotten in themselves and walked me upstairs to grab my puppy. As I walked upstairs, I kept saying, oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD…. Probably in 15 different tones over and over again. There was so much water and that was even the aftermath from what the fire department had already been able to clean up. They had mops, found all of our towels and used each one to try and dry the water up.

I grabbed Cali out of her cage whom was standing in about a foot of water and she was mortified. She was crying in her cage and so confused. However, the firemen let me know that she did really well as she waited for me to come home. I took her outside and gave my property manager another call to figure out where she was and why she was not yet at my property. I get on the phone with her and she informs me that her phone is about dead so she has not yet left and was not even on her way yet. Meanwhile, I called Cameron to come home from work because it was that bad as I stood outside for a good 2 hours wondering what to do next.

The firemen informed me that the pipe that connects the water supply line to the toilet had bursted. It was nobody’s fault but flooded the entire place and the place below us. Their home had to be ripped to the studs. The worst part? They are expecting a baby in the upcoming weeks. The more and more they waited to fix my apartment only made the place below me even worse. Thank goodness they came home when they did to see the water or it could have gotten way worse. Luckily, we have real tile floors throughout except for the staircase so we did not have to have everything ripped to the studs.

We ended up taking pictures of everything and creating a list of all of our items that were damaged. Most of which were pretty new considering we had moved in 3 short months ago. I swore that I had the worst luck. Once the property manager showed up, she told me to send her all of my pictures since her phone was still not cooperating which I thought was extremely unprofessional and then proceeded to tell me to take all of my clothes to the dry cleaners. I did what she told me and Cameron and I decided to stay at his parents for the night back in our hometown.

Luckily, his parents had a bedroom of our own for us to stay in with Cali. We didn’t mind being there other than my commute to work now doubled. Also, we didn’t realize how long it would be either. We thought a couple days to a week at most and we could move back in. Well, you’d think I would have been able to.

After endless calls and going back and forth with the landlord, we weren’t getting anywhere. It became quite frustrating. Again, only my luck. After work each day I texted my landlord for an update and never once did he have one. His answer was always that someone would be out on so and so day to look at it. I’m sure taking a picture would have lasted longer and they could have just sent it to each other. Nothing about this was okay.

Here we are, 3 and a half weeks later we are still not back into our apartment. Service-master did come in and rip out all of our trim work on the walls, the carpeting on the stairs, and a couple patches above the entry door of drywall. They began airing the walls out with giant heaters which made the apartment hotter than shit. It made it extremely difficult to go and grab things out of the apartment in such heat. It also has been exhausting going to let people in and out of our place but luckily there is now a lock box on the door.

Every other day or so, we return to get our mail and check in on the place. You would think there would be progress. Nope. As of today, we have an update that the guy going to fix the place will be there on Monday and should be done with the repairs by the end of the week. Did I mention we go on vacation in a couple short weeks?! Not only will he have the repairs made but we will need a cleaning company to go through and make sure everything gets wiped down and cleaned up after that mess. So add a couple more days for that to happen…

The situation is truly unfortunate and annoying to say the least but we do really appreciate being at Cameron’s parents house. We have a place for Cali to run around in a fenced back yard and home cooked meals that we are more than grateful for. You never truly realize how good you have it until it’s gone.

Moral of my life lesson here is to never take anything for granted. Cameron and I worked extremely hard to find a place of our own shortly after I graduated and then it got ripped right away from us due to the flood. Life is going to throw you some setbacks but it is all in how you bounce back from them. Hopefully in the next week or so we can move back into our apartment and continue living the life we desire. However, it does make me think about buying our first home together a lot sooner than we originally planned only because I hate not being in control of our own situations. If it was me and I owned the place, I would have had someone out repairing the place the next day or at least the same week. Either way it had to be done regardless of who was paying for it. Only time will tell how long it will be until we can finally purchase our first home because this renting thing is not my thing.

Until then, keep smiling. There are always people out there that have it way worse than you. Sometimes when you’re in the moment it’s hard to remember that.



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