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Curious Cali

Given the fact that we are still not in our home, Cali and I have been enjoying some time outdoors. Most of which that time includes many photoshoots of the one and only miss Cali. She is growing up that’s for sure! She may not look different in pictures but she is a very sweet and curious little girl. Some of her favorite things include: getting new toys, laying out in the grass, sitting for treats, playing with cats and dogs, going for walks and snuggling with her mom and dad.

Cali is truly loving having a fenced in yard. It will be hard to move back home given the fact that she won’t have the fenced in yard anymore!

She can’t really get much more beautiful than that? She thoroughly enjoys laying in the grass.
Leave it up to Cali to find sticks around the yard. So, we got her a giant beef stick to chew on instead.

Long walks in the neighborhood are always fun. Especially when you have a photogenic dog who loves to get her picture taken. Look at that face!

We felt bad that her tiger pillow pet got trashed in the flood, so we compromised and bought her a child’s giraffe sleeping bag. In PINK! Mom must really love you..

What else is there to do on the weekends in our hometown? Nature walk it is and Cali loved it!

Except, it may or may not have been super hot and humid so we had to take 15 breaks.

One of the walks Cali and I went on were in Cameron’s parents neighborhood and they are near an elementary school. We decided to walk around and curious Cali came across some chalk… So..

Throughout her time on “vacation” she has been getting many new toys. One of which should not have been new.. However, we went into Petsmart and she saw the giraffe plush toy that she already has and wouldn’t let me leave the store without it because she knew it was hers. Needless to say, we now have two twin giraffe toys.

Can we just take minute.. Look at that peaceful baby girl sleep. She is the most precious thing, I swear.

It was a mommy daughter day and despite her face, she enjoyed it. We went on a walk and she enjoyed many treats.

I don’t know about you, but I love my Shiba. She is sassy and sweet and EXTREMELY photogenic. *Insert heart eyed emoji here*

Leave it up to Cali to be adventurous. She went exploring off of her leash in my dad’s backyard. Surprisingly enough she did run… Far.. However, we did catch her. Moral of the story, we caught her. Don’t tell her dad.

We may not be in our home yet but Wrigley is sure warming up to Cali. Here is a never again moment you won’t want to miss. How cute?! This was shortly before Cali tried playing with her tail and Wrigley slapped her in the face with her paw.

If you’re ever in need for a puppy fix, I’ve got your girl. She is super sweet, loves to play and will love you forever. Cali is sure growing up to be a good girl. Now if we could only end a game she likes to play called “Catch me if you can”.




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