Month: June 2018

Chewy Part 2!

This month, Cali received her favorite box once again! For those of you that are not familiar with Chewy, they are becoming the largest pet retailer in the world with the most satisfied customers. June was a month for trying new things. We did just that. This time, we ordered Cali the Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free […]

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The Flood

May 17th 2018, I received a call at 4:39 PM from the fire department letting me know that my apartment had flooded and I needed to come home immediately. The only thing I kept thinking at the time while driving home from work was that I hope Cali was okay. However, “How did this happen?!” […]

Curious Cali

Given the fact that we are still not in our home, Cali and I have been enjoying some time outdoors. Most of which that time includes many photoshoots of the one and only miss Cali. She is growing up that’s for sure! She may not look different in pictures but she is a very sweet […]

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