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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day for most people around the world. For most, it can also be a traumatic or endearing day. As most of you know, I do not have a relationship with my mom. I feel that she gave up on me a long time ago and have since acted like I don’t exist. However, today is not about me. Even though I am a dog mommy and have been a mother figure throughout my life. It’s for those of you that are trying mothers, caring mothers, mother’s that are soon to be, mother’s that have to step up to the plate, mothers that gave birth to a child and even moms that have adopted their babies. Plus, don’t forget those dad’s out there that have to serve in both roles.

To be a mother means to love endlessly. To be a mother means to always be there for your child no matter what may stand in your way. To be a mother means your life has been forever changed at that first sound of a heart beat. Being a mom is hard for some but is an amazing journey for most.

To all of the mothers out there that have never made your child earn your love, Happy Mother’s Day. You are truly loved. While it is difficult for me to open up about my mother and the events leading up to our non-existent relationship, I do have many women in my life who have risen up to the plate. Those whom have watched me graduate college and even opened their arms when I needed a hug. They encourage me with my every move, checks in on me regularly, and calls often just to see what kind of things I am up to nowadays. Or to see what kind of cute items I splurged on at TJMAXX. Those women know who they are and they are ones I cherish more than anything.

A child needs a mothers love. There is something to be said for those moms out there that work 2 and 3 jobs sometimes even 4. There is something to be said for those moms out there who do anything they can to keep in touch with their children. Who try with all of their being and never give up. You are the real MVP’s of this day.

It’s been a couple years where this day has meant absolutely nothing to me. In fact, it was just another day of trying to figure out why I couldn’t ever find a place to have brunch at. Shortly after, I remembered that it was Mother’s Day. It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone out there celebrating their mothers.

So, today I say Happy Mother’s day to all of the women who call themselves mothers. Who appreciate being a mother and who would do anything to be one. Mother’s Day is a special day and your mom deserves lots of love. After all, she did carry you for a good 9 months or so and then nourished you into the person you are today. So, where ever your mom may be today, make sure she knows how much you appreciate and love her.




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