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Cali’s First Easter 2018

Hello all!

I hope you’re all still obsessing over Cali like we are. Happy Easter! Cali is a Shiba Inu and needs to be challenged. They are very curious puppies and do enjoy mind games. Therefore, I decided to create a little Easter egg hunt for her. I found the cutest sparkly eggs at Jewel on clearance at the last minute of grocery shopping. There were only six eggs in the package but that is plenty for my little pup.

How it works: Each egg gets stuffed with a couple of treats, say 4 or 5 pieces. Then you hide the eggs in obvious places around the area your pet knows the best. In our case, we “hid”eggs all over our living room.

Cameron had let her outside that morning and while he did that, I put the eggs out. I wanted to make sure to do this afterwards to ensure that she was not distracted by her main goal after getting let out of her cage: going outside to go to the bathroom.

When she came in, it took her a little to understand what was going on. She then walked right past the pink sparkly egg and noticed the smell of the treats. She figured out how to open the egg with a little bit of guidance and then began eating the treats. To save her from getting sick, I did take a few of the treats without her noticing and put them back into the cookie jar. She did get at least one or two treats from every egg though.

She went around the room searching for them almost like it was a game at this point. She was truly interested and very curious. This is a great thing to do with your Shiba’s. It is also a great training method to teach them about their surroundings. Cali loved this and we will certainly be doing this again next year.

Feel free to see some of the pictures below of her cute scavenger hunt.



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