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Meet Cali

Hello everyone!

It’s been a few weeks since we have moved in. It became lonely very quickly. Being the busy bee that I am, I decided it was time to expand. Therefore, we have officially expanded our little family with a puppy! Everyone, meet Cali.

Cali was an “oops” if you will. Long story short, we were supposed to be getting kittens. This may shock a lot of you since I am such a dog person. I have only ever had cats when I was a baby and do not even remember being around them. However, I thought cats would be low maintenance and I wouldn’t have to worry about running home every other hour to let them out. Even though I am a homebody, sometimes life has a funny way of throwing you the most unexpected curveballs.

My boyfriend, Cameron, and I were set to pick up two adorable little kittens this past weekend. The lady we were getting them from kept blowing us off and we had spent all week trying to prepare our newly rented townhome for kittens. The more and more I would drive home from work into our large neighborhood, I was thinking to myself each time that it would be nice to have a puppy! It would be nice to come home and enjoy the weather by taking my puppy for a walk and exploring the new hood. Then it dawned on me that we were already set on kittens…

Cameron had always grown up with a cat so it was like second nature for him. One of the days this past weekend, he went off to work like normal. Getting the kittens fell through once more and I thought, this is it. I called up one of my best friends, Becca. Luckily she had been home for the weekend from college. I said, “Get dressed, we are going to look for puppies!”. Mind you this was about 10am CST. She thought I meant kittens since she knew the struggle we were having… NOPE.

One thing about myself is that I never kid. In fact, I didn’t even tell Cameron this was my plan today in case of course that it would fall through also. I made it to Elmhurst and Becca said she knew just the place. After a 20 minute or so drive to Lombard, we arrived at Happiness is Pets. Now, I know a lot of you are cringing at the fact that I bought her from a puppy store. Although, you must remember, every puppy needs a home regardless of where they come from. I did want to rescue but it wasn’t feasible given the time restraint I put myself through.

Walking through Happiness is Pets made me sad. It always makes me sad seeing dogs behind little windows with no exposure to the outside world. In fact, there were so many cute puppies that I almost wanted to play with them all. I saw bulldogs, cocker spaniels, and even a beautiful husky whom Becca wanted to take home. The last dog we saw was this cute little brown and white puppy with the cutest spot on her tail with a black tip. She was out in the cubicles by herself. The lady had said that she was old enough and healthy enough to be out on her own where she does have exposure to people. In fact, anyone can walk up to her and go in her cubicle to play.

Once I laid eyes on her, I immediately saw that she was a Shiba Inu. I thought, holy shit. Cameron had always wanted a Shiba Inu and he thinks they are the coolest dogs. There is no way I am leaving here without her! She had the cutest pink hospital-like band around her neck that stated her breed. I fell in love. Becca and I’s hearts melted instantly. I let myself in her cubicle and began to pet her. Of course, I had to hog my time with her before someone else chose to go home with her. What was super strange was that she reminded me a lot of Comet. My other dog whom still lives with my family. She was very quiet, cool, calm and collected. I like a dog that has their shit together.

I didn’t know a whole lot about Shiba’s. I did know that they are hard to train and super sassy dogs. It’s basically their way or the high way. Me being the problem solver that I am thought that I could train her and teach her to be perfect just like any other dog I have had. Plus, I am a bit on the sassy side anyhow. Like mother like doggy, right? I texted Cameron immediately and snapchatted him a picture of her. He loved her. His exact words were, “How much does she cost?”. Boom! He is interested. Exactly why I love this man.

I told him price is just an object… Eventually, I did end up telling him the price but in her defense, she is microchipped and came with a bag of food, a collar and a leash. Once I got what seemed to be a no brainer approval from him, I purchased her. I didn’t even have to ask him twice. As a matter of fact, I actually texted him several times asking if he was kidding or if I was really about to bring home a puppy after 3 short weeks of living in our new townhome. The answer was an overwhelming YES.

I received Cali’s paperwork and the rest was history. I walked out with the sweetest little girl who was born on November 25th, 2017. I couldn’t have been happier. I dropped Becca back off at home, hit the road to my dad’s where I would pick up Comet’s old cage and then home to her daddy. I smiled a lot bigger that day.

Arriving home was one of the best feelings. I am such a dog mom. Cameron arrived home shortly thereafter and was in love. I have never seen him smile bigger than he did when he first laid eyes on Cali walking up the stairs. We are such parents. We decided that we would go to his parents’ house to flaunt our little girl. Along the way, we were thinking of names. Many came to mind. However, Cali seemed to stick. Once we arrived at Cameron’s parents’ house, it became clear that it was going to be her name. His mom loved the name and on the way home, we confirmed that to be her name. How perfect and fitting.

After getting acclimated to her new home, we started to notice her personality shining through day after day. It was very hard to leave her to go to work but we managed. Luckily, she has a great schedule where Cameron is home with her most of the day before he goes to work and even has some days off during the week. I never thought I would appreciate that factor more than I do now that we have a puppy to look after.

Cali quickly stole our hearts and loves going for walks around our beautiful neighborhood. Some of her favorite things include: watching TV (literally), long walks around the neighborhood, chewing on her mom’s feet, playing with toys and occasionally eating her own poop. She is also quite vocal.

Lately she has lost her puppy teeth and has been going through the phase of teething. She is very well acclimated and almost fully potty trained. Next steps are puppy training. We cannot wait for those classes to begin! However, we certainly love our little Shiba. You can keep yourself up to date with all things Cali by following her on Instagram at @calitheshibainu.



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