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Our First Home!

Apartment hunting is never easy. Especially when you consider going anywhere by yourself to find something. That is why we invested our time into a realtor. I was slowing losing hope about finding a place that would be perfect for us and I really wanted to be closer to work. Since my commute is about almost hour to work and an hour back, it was making me think of looking for options on my own. I had spent my lunchtime at booking appointments to go look at other apartments in the Schaumburg area that had a clubhouse style community. These were places that you call on and make an appointment directly through them to see their property. I had about six places scheduled for Saturday and it was already Friday…

I was able to convince Cameron to switch days at work so we could continue this experience of looking at places together. I wanted his opinion and reaction at every place that I wanted to look at. However, our realtor sent us an e-mail on Friday explaining that there was an opening that was just put on the market for a townhome in the neighborhood that we loved! WHAT. There was only a picture on the website of the front of the house but knowing what we had already known about the area, we were excited to make that at the top of our priority list of looking at places.

We e-mailed Diane back and told her we would like to go out on Saturday around noon to take a look at this property. Thankfully, Cameron had the day off. We drove together and met Diane at the townhome. We were early and began looking for our garage since they are not attached. We were also trying to find a parking space since they were all numbered. We couldn’t find ours. Diane showed up and we made our way to what will be our future home together. She unlocked the lock on the door and we stepped in to this square of tile and immediately saw stairs to my right. I thought… Oh boy. Stairs. More fricken stairs. Now, I am not against stairs, I just thought that we would take the stairs full of carpet up to where we would be living and it would be gaudy.

However, I judged the book by the cover a little too hard. We both walked up the stairs and it was gorgeous. We saw vaulted ceilings with walls that looked to be professionally painted and re-done. Once we got to the top of the stairs we saw an open concept living area with a massive kitchen. This place had what looked like brand-new windows, and a balcony! How cool! A balcony with a little sitting area attached to what looked like a mini storage closet. It overlooked a beautiful hill of green grass. Everything about this townhome was beautiful. Could it be that we only look at three places before finding the home of our dreams?!

Once we were up the stairs, the carpet stopped throughout the whole home. I stepped foot in the kitchen and was blown away. It wasn’t the most modern thing I had ever seen but the ceilings were vaulted with giant cabinets that were very tall. There was a pantry aside from the refrigerator. The kitchen overlooked our sliding door with our cute balcony. The home was flourished nicely with beige walls and trim. The kitchen had brown cabinets and a higher counter perfect for bar stools. How cute?! Am I right?

Looking past the kitchen, we walked past our in-unit washer and dryer that were new models of LG’s products. To the left of the hallway was a guest bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet and to the right of the hallway was a master bedroom with a spacious deep walk-in closet and an onsite bathroom. The hallway also featured a bathroom for guests. Everything about this home amazed me. Cameron and I were certainly head over heels. Our realtor explained that for everything we are getting for the price that it was would be a great deal. I am like oh yeah, the price. I loved it so much I almost didn’t care what the price was. She filled us in on everything it included and the dreaded price but it wasn’t bad! It was within budget and everything and more that we could have asked for. Cameron seemed thrilled.

After leaving, we let our realtor know how much we loved it and she said she would be in touch once she got home about sending us an application if we were interested in that property. Cameron and I got in the car and couldn’t stop talking about it. I was obsessing like a fan girl. I pictured myself in there before I knew if it was even possible for us to live there.

We went to one more place after that and realized that it was a waste of time. We were comparing it to the place before and that’s when we knew… It was the place we would call home. We went home immediately and filled out the application. Diane ran our credit and sent it to the landlord. I remember being so nervous that night to see if we were the ones that got the apartment after finding out that it was only on the market for two days! I was hoping nobody else had seen it yet as this was our dream place to begin our lives.

The next morning came and I finally got the text from our realtor that we were approved!!! I hopped out of bed and called Cameron right away to share the news. I, of course, then called all of my friends who had known about this as a possibility and each of them had the same reaction in different ways. To say they were excited for us was an understatement. We had so much love and support throughout this process that giving the news was super exciting.

Luckily for us, Cameron’s parents have been a huge help in giving us hand-me-downs things to begin moving with so we didn’t have to kill ourselves with spending a butt load of money. Everything from a couch, to a kitchen table to kitchen supplies was offered to us and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Once we received the contract, we read it over and signed our lives away! It was officially ours. This beautiful home is now ours. HOLY COW. I honestly never thought the day would come that I would actually move out. We cannot wait to further our relationship with one another and officially be together on a more serious note.

The anticipation is certainly killing us since we told the realtor of a move in date of February 16th. I have a lot going on until then and wanted to get through the stress of everything before we move. Also, because living on your own is expensive! We had to come up with our security deposit to secure the place as well as first month’s rent. I would certainly need a few weeks to have that kind of money so the 16th just seemed to be the perfect weekend to move. It also gives family and friends time to plan that on their calendar to help us move and be with us during this exciting time. We cannot wait for the day to finally be here! As my dad said, this is long over-due for us.

Meanwhile, we did end up finding our parking spot because we realized that the apartment number was not correlated with the number on the parking garage. We are ecstatic to officially move in to a place that basically found us! As of right now, the place next to us is vacant and for sale rather than for rent. However, when and if someone does move in we are excited to meet our new neighbors. In the meantime, calling all best friends that need a place of their home! We’d be happy to have you as our neighbors! 😉

Thank you to everyone who is continuously calling/texting and even e-mailing me to see if there is anything they can do to help us and or congratulating us on this mind-boggling time. We are certainly smitten. Being simply myself or simply Sara, I knew that I would be going on a shopping spree for all things apartment and will be sharing those unique finds up on the blog in the coming weeks!

I mean come on, scroll back up one more time to see that beauty! That picture was taken once we knew for sure that we would be moving in aka: the next day of being approved.



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