Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s finally time to say “Bye Felicia!” to 2017 and hello to 2018!

Now is the time for you to be one of those “New Year, New Me” people or “New Year, Same Me” people because you’re already fabulous! I am, however, one of those new year, same me people. I do not believe in changing who I am. Although, enhancing is a better word. Becoming someone better than you were yesterday allows you to enhance your personality and who you are as a person without changing who you are completely. Who you are as a person makes you unique and separate from the rest. So, with that being said, I have a few goals in mind for this year rather than “resolutions”.

I believe in the power of goals. I believe that resolutions often do not last and rather are societies norm of the new year beginning. A friend once told me, “I am not the type that waits until the new year to start something”. This resonated with me because it is so true. Why wait until the new year to make a change or enhance something that is driving you crazy? Most of the time people take the new year to decide that they would like to lose some weight, or get a gym membership. However, those gym memberships are normally cancelled after January ends. It is difficult to stick with a resolution because most people expect them to happen overnight.

Goals are a more realistic way to achieve your desires. Studies show that if you write down your goals they are more likely to become achieved than if you were to just speak of them. Given that information, I have a couple of goals in mind that I’d like to achieve. In my opinion, they are pretty realistic but they also have an explanation behind why I have those specific and measurable goals.

  • Goal #1: Save Money
    I am hoping to do this through Edward Jones. I would like to save my money while also investing it in a smart way. Since I do not know how to invest, I am going to start with a seasoned professional. I’d also like to create a monthly budget and be able to stick to it.
  • Goal #2: Pay off Credit Card Debt
    This goes hand in hand with my first goal but it is super important to me to have this paid off by this summer.
  • Goal #3: Cut down the amount of times eating out
    This will ensure that I save my money because I am guilty of eating a couple of meals per week out and its absolutely disgusting. I am a good cook and I need to take advantage of that skill more often. This will in turn hopefully leave me feeling better because I will cut down on the amount of greasy unnecessary foods that I consume.
  • Goal #4: Go to a new place each month
    This goal is an exciting one. I have been sheltered most of my life and really never had the chance to travel. Now being in my 20’s, I think it’s more important now than ever to travel before life gets too crazy. This can include a day trip somewhere, a weekend trip and or even a vacation.
    For example, the month of January, I am going to New York for a blogging event #blogherhealth18
  • Goal #5: Go to the Gym
    This goal is pertaining to my mental health. I am hoping that if I go to the gym it will give me something to do after work rather than just going to sit at home and or it can help with releasing endorphins to produce a better mood. But, of course, if I lose weight in the process that would be an added bonus!
  • Goal #6: Try out Church
    I have never understood church and would like more knowledge surrounding this topic. Church is a powerful thing for some people and I have never understood why it is that people believe in god even though I find myself referring to such god at times.
    With this, I also would like to complete an ancestry test. I have always wanted to know where I came from and who I am and also why I am the way I am. Finding out what people were like before me will help me figure out where I am going and I think that’s really cool and or powerful. This is also a place for people who are really positive. I am looking for more positive interactions this year especially and that type of community is right up my alley.
  • Goal #7: Journal every day
    This goal is near and dear to my heart considering I love to write and express myself through writing. Each day since January 1st, I have kept up with this goal and journaled each day. Whether that be for the entire days’ worth of what I did to exactly what I was feeling in some moments. It has also been interesting to keep track of what I have been eating, and how I have been feeling after I wake up.
  • Goal #8: Move out
    This year, I am making it more of a priority to move out of my dad’s house. I am interested in truly being on my own with more responsibility and growing more independently.

Those are my goals. They, in my opinion, are very attainable. They are things I wish I did every single day without thinking about them. Hopefully with practicing and moving towards these goals, they will become more permanent things in my life. The world is ever changing yet some of us remain the same. The world is a huge beautiful canvas, what does your canvas look like? A black blob or is it colorful? Have you crossed many paths? Or have you only gone down one path?

After sharing my goals, what are your goals? Have you thought too much about them or have you not thought enough about them? Are they lingering in your mind? Are they written down somewhere? Do you have an attainable way to achieve them? Are they life-changing? I want to hear about them! Let’s hold each other accountable. After all, what better way to achieve your goals than with a support system?! Send me a message, reply to this post, whatever makes you comfortable! This year is your year.

What will you accomplish this year? Are you excited for something coming up? Is this just another year in your mind? It’s time to do something you’ve never done. Start thinking more. Reading more. Writing more. Socializing more with the people around you. Get a pen pal. Share your story. More importantly, smile and inspire on. Here is to 2018.



2 thoughts on “2018”

  1. Hi Sara!

    Thanks for sharing this! I actually sent something very similar out to my email list last week, talking about how ‘resolutions’ can be vague but GOALS are a measurable thing! I think you have a great approach! I can probably help you out with goals 1, 2, and 3 😄 I blog about budgeting, saving money and frugal living for Millennial women! I would check out the Budgeting and Money-Saving Tips sections of my blog – see if those posts have any helpful tips and tricks for you! Links below. Keep up the great work! 🙌



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