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TJMaxx Haul

What better way to spend your Sunday than at a TJMaxx store?! Well, maybe that is just how I spend my Sundays…

Visiting TJMaxx is a weekly thing for me. I love the new products they continuously get. Normally I see different products every time I enter the store which is always a bonus and keeps me going every week. In fact, it is on my bucket list to be able to go to every TJMaxx store in the world. This may seem a bid odd to most, but think about it. There are various products that you can get for a regular everyday price. I am most in love with their clearance section. It makes brands like Michael Kors, Lucky Brand, Ralph Lauren and Tahari more affordable. This is my first time posting one of my TJMaxx hauls and plan to have many more in the near future. Take a look at what was in store for me today.

The first thing I had to put into my cart was these gorgeous gold pens that I had found on the clearance rack for $5.50. They are metallic gold by “Office Envy” and feature six ballpoint pens in black ink. It seems inevitable that pens are only good for so long until you have to buy new ones. I am at that stage right now. Usually I tend to buy sparkly gel pens but these are absolutely flawless and write nicely.

The second thing I came across was this canvas board: Good things come to those who hustle. This was by JIA Art. Some cool history on this piece was by Hutton, a native texan who had been reading art for 18 years. She has developed numerous styles through those years by constantly experimenting with new techniques. Her love of music and color are two constant elements for her inspiration. She had said on this little piece of paper that as attached to the back of the canvas, “I create art everyday, I am so thankful to be able to share my creations with so many people.” She also went on to explain on the little paper that her life dream is to continue to create and play with paint for many years to come. How unique. Since I had recently received a new desk at work, I knew I needed to get some artwork for the walls above. I love that the hustle is real and fits perfectly. I figured the gold pens would pair nicely on my desk at work with this beautiful canvas board.

Aside from office supplies, I came to find the cosmetics side of the store. The first thing I wrapped my hands around was the Kat Von D shade + light eye. This was a shade and light eye contour quad which had a base, define, contour and highlight within it. I was able to score this for $9.99 and it will be perfect for the holidays since it has a beautiful dark green color. Since I have greenish-blue eyes, it will enhance them nicely. This palette isn’t too pigmented when swatched but I do believe with a little eye primer, this will hold well throughout the day. I can’t wait to try it!

The next item has been one that I have been doing research on for a while now. I had been seeing other bloggers and celebrities raving about facial products containing bee venom. I was taken back at first since I knew nothing about products with bee venom. However, it seems to be very good for your skin.

The product I found at TJMaxx to try out was by Skin Therapy. The product, Bee Venom Rejuvenating Night Créme is free from paragons, GMO’s, phthalates and no animal testing. On the packaging it seems to say that it is the natural alternative to botox without the sting. They also put on the packaging that no bees are harmed during the collection of bee venom. How this skin therapy works according to the box is that it delivers firmer, fuller skin by combining powerful natural bee venom and myoxinol, a plant-derived anti-wrinkle superstar. The bee venom and myoxinol works by naturally triggering skin to release collagen while increasing blood circulation. The pro-vitamin B5, Manuka honey and natural beeswax work synergistically to provide intense firming, hydrating and skin renewal benefits, while you sleep. Last but not least the box also states that australian caviar lime extract, high in natural AHA’s, brightens and smooths your skin. This product must be used within 12 months of opening and can be found here.

While also searching the cosmetics, I came across Juicy Couture’s 6 piece professional brush set for only $12.99. Can we talk about the color of these brushes?! WOW. These were the only ones at the store and I realized that I needed them! They are so fun and extremely soft to touch. These will definitely be helpful and I can finally throw my old brushes away since they are a little old and definitely out of style. I am excited to try these beauties.

In addition, I found these gorgeous, shimmery, loose glitter eye shadows. They came with a small eye-liner pencil and a small sparkled eye shadow brush. They had four shades which were purple, gold, rose gold and a greenish color. Since my Christmas party is coming up shortly for work, I decided that the gold glitter would be an amazing touch to my makeup to go accordingly with my dress that I picked out. I love that the product can just be swept over my eyelids for an easy application. I always say, you can never have too much sparkle! This shimmer eye kit was by SimplePleasures. The best part was that I scored these beauties for only $3.99.

One of my other favorite brands is Biosilk. However, I had always been meaning to try out their shampoo and conditioners but never gave myself the chance. Finally, I made the choice to purchase the hydrating therapy since it is winter time and my hair is starting to get dry. I am usually particular on which shampoo and conditioner I buy especially because they are not cheap items to purchase. Therefore, I of course want to make sure I am getting the most for my money while also buying the best product specific for my hair. I am finally trying out their shampoo and conditioner thank you to TJMaxx because they had a killer deal on a combo pack. I got these three items for $24.99. I thought that was excellent especially since they are full sized.

One product that I love is the African Black Soap Bar Soap. This product was originally sent to me in my FabFitFun box and I ended up loving it. So, it was a given that when I saw this product for only $2.00 on clearance at TJMaxx that it was going home with me. This soap is detoxifying and balancing and truly is black in color. It was interesting the first time I tried this in the shower considering I felt like it was dirty looking. I was literally rubbing black soap with tiny specks of oats all over my body. It felt weird but some of the agents in this soap made it all that much more worth it. This soap is made with aloe vera, oats and vitamin E. On the box, it says that its a blend of palm ash, plantain peel, tar and tamarind extract which combines with shea butter’s soothing and hydrating properties with authentic black soap to combat appearance of dry, dull skin. They also go on to say that their deep cleansing formulas leaves skin feeling balanced, radiant, fresh and healthy-looking.

Another product that I was able to find was a combo pack of three different dry shampoo’s by Batiste. I have never tried Batiste products but when I had my hair cut by a women at Ulta she had told me about how wonderful it is for her blonde hair. She said it’s weird to hear it coming from her since she is a hair stylist and normally wouldn’t recommend products that weren’t higher in price but surprisingly enough she said it does not leave a residue on your hair and it smells great. Therefore, when I found it today I remembered her story about this product and figured I would give it a try. Plus, it came in a pack of three with three different scents. Those being, blush: floral and flirt, original: clean and classic, and tropical: coconut and exotic. I certainly can’t wait to give these a try.

One item I came across in the mound of christmas packed packaging, I found mascara. I feel like I have a ton of mascaras but I also feel like they are old and I should probably get rid of them. I found this duo which was nicely priced at $3.99. Usually I am a mascara snob and only purchase prestige brands but I figured isn’t all mascara relatively the same? Why not give it a try for four bucks? One is made for volume and one is made for lengthening. Both of these shall work nicely together and I can’t wait to try them.

Finally, as I thought I was complete with my shopping I walked past the only dual-end complexion tool on the shelf. This product is a stainless steel extractor by TruBeauty. On the back of this package it states that this extractor will be perfect for effectively clearing blocked pores without aggravating skin or risking infection. It also says that the extractor loop is good for pressing out blackheads without damaging the skin. On the other end of the loop there is a pointed lancet for delicate whitehead extraction. I don’t have many blackheads but it will be good for those stressful times when they do appear on the skin and for $2.99 I couldn’t beat the price.


In conclusion, this shopping trip was a huge success. Although, I did not go in looking specifically for any of these items, it is always a good feeling being able to shop on a bargain. All of these products were very affordable which is why I continue to shop at TJMaxx. Onto the next haul!



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