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Fall is Finally Here

October 1st, 2017

Strong scents of fall have finally lingered. Fall is finally here. The weather is cooler and it is finally the first day of October. When you start seeing memes on twitter about October having all sorts of meaning, you know to run to your nearest Starbucks for their pumpkin scones and new coffee flavors. October means Halloween is coming and shortly thereafter Thanksgiving. Then we are onto Christmas and the new year. Time is flying and I couldn’t be more thrilled that fall is finally here. It’s time to crank out those oversized sweaters and boots.

Today was a beautiful day and I say that with a heavy heart. While browsing all that the mall has to offer with my younger sister, we truly enjoyed our day. We have laughed a lot and spent a little too much money but it was a day I will never take back. Throughout splurging on necessary items, we came across this booth. This was not your typical, “hey lady, your hair is straight let me show you my newly invented straighter” or your typical, “hey, what kind of phone do you have?”. This was a booth of a fantastically crafted product that this lady and her sister were trying to sell. They wanted their idea and craft to be heard.

This product was a styler for clothes. The company is called “Tomorrow’s Outfit” and the product actually grows as you grow. The idea was for children who always said to their parents, “I don’t know what to wear!” and Barb, the wonderful woman I had the pleasure of meeting today at the mall created this new concept of an outfit styler. It is like a hanger but designed as the skeleton of your body. It has arms for jewelry and a head for hats/headbands ect. I think this product is absolutely incredible. Even as a young adult, I find that this is the most genius thing I have ever seen. You can literally pick your outfit out before you go to bed with the ease of knowing you will have clean clothes and a put together outfit in the morning, especially if you wake up late!

Tomorrow’s Outfit Styler comes with an over the door hanger, a wall hanger and a chrome fashion chain and 10 clear fashion clips. On top of that, you have three colors you can choose from; pink, black and blue. To be specific to her website, the color choices are Caribbean Mist, Wild Raspberry and Black Licorice. They have a junior size and a regular size.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make a purchase at the mall due to splurging ridiculously on other things but I did take her brochure and will be placing my order very soon online! For a limited time you can purchase one for yourself at a price of $39.99 on Amazon! This is 25% off the normal price of $54.00. If you click on her website and then click buy now it will take you to Amazon to finalize your purchase.

The best part about finding this sweet invention was that I also found a Phi Mu sister! She was the sister to Barb and was certainly a true sister. She was very sweet and caring. I happened to be wearing my sparkly Phi Mu shirt through the mall and she introduced herself first thing as a Phi Mu. The coolest part about being in a sorority thus far has been graduating and meeting sisters all over the world. It is cool to see where every sister is now in their lives after graduating and still upholding the values of being a Phi Mu. I encouraged her to join an alumni chapter and stay connected and I certainly look forward to seeing her at some events!

To conclude on that happy and enlightening experience, I came home to do the dreaded loads of laundry that have been put off until now; Sunday. I was scrolling through Facebook in between loads while listening to my favorite country music. I noticed that I was scrolling through happy memories and nothing but pure joy on my newsfeed. There was no negative, only smiles and happy pumpkin patch selfies. Some newlyweds and some newly pregnant. Point being that it was a wonderful day that lead to a wonderful night of pure bliss and happiness with a candle lit and some fresh fall air seeping through the windows. Life is a beautiful thing when you enjoy the little things.

To continue with the irony, I purchased a bowl for my new desk at my new job which I am so in love with and the bowl says: “Enjoy the little things”. It was in my favorite color, tiffany blue and also on clearance for $7. Couldn’t beat it. Today was an unforgettable day and if this is a glimpse into how Fall 2017 is going to be, bring it on.

Sending lots of love and happiness on this fine Fall night.



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