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My First Whole Foods Experience

September 10th, 2017

I hope you are all ready to jump into fall! It has certainly been a chilly one these past few days but I am loving it. Today is a beautiful day; sunny and 75. Therefore, I decided to head out with one of my friends towards the shopping mall. Anthropology is always one of my favorite stores to window shop. Few can actually afford that beautiful place but it certainly leaves you feeling inspired. From there, I enjoyed a tasty salad for lunch with a fresh lemonade. Grandma always says, best to shop on a full stomach so you purchase less! Well, time to test that out.

I had always wanted to go into a Whole Foods but never really knew much about it. The only thing I really knew was that it was a grocery store with expensive food. Considering this grocery store is a little far away from where I live would explain why I have never stepped foot in such place but today was the day I would try it out! I did know that it was a healthier option grocery store hence the prices. However, I fell in love! The place is SO cute. Now you’re probably thinking, okay.. You just called a grocery store cute!? I loved the simplicity of the place.

The first thing I walked past was boxed water.. I didn’t know that was a thing! How unique. I feel like I have been living under a rock. For some of you Whole Foodies you probably are thinking, well duh? Everyone knows about boxed water? Well, I experienced something new today and then thought it was so aesthetically pleasing that I had to go find more unique things. So thats what I did.

The pizza isle gave me all the feels. The prices for one single pizza… Well, not so much. However, I thought about this logically. If you think about it.. The food in this grocery store is super organic and the portion sizes are probably normalized. Also, the prices of the food is understandable because it’s not food you should overeat and it’s made to last you a while. I did purchase a pizza that was lower on calories but if you looked at the size you understood why.  It was Amy’s Pizza in the flavor “Margherita” made with organic flour and tomatoes. This pizza is also a thinker crust with fresh mozzarella and basil. ENOUGH SAID.

Continuing throughout the store, I was blown away by all of the unique things I came across and wondered if it was actually “healthy” to physically eat some of the items.. Overall though, excellent experience. I think the price is worth the items because like stated before, it is all organic and a healthier option. When people are thinking of changing their diets or eating better, this is the place to be! Exactly where I needed to be as well. I certainly need to change my diet because I am still so college. No shame or anything..

I definitely will consider making the drive more often to Whole Foods because I believe that I can truly change the way I eat by making small changes by shopping at this store. Considering the prices again, it makes me buy less because it’s not like I have a disposable income for food. Even though most of the time, I like to think I do. So moral to this post, try something new. Take a drive on a beautiful day and go explore. Try places you have never tried before. For example, I decided to go to MOD Pizza if anyone is familiar with it and I ordered a salad instead of a pizza. Some may say that is like a crime but it was actually good! People always say, “It’s a pizza place…”and I always say, “They do have salad on the menu though…”.

Tonight is going to be a typical relaxed Sunday night for me. I am going to try my new pizza for dinner with my boxed water. Wow, I feel so fancy. That meal costed me $10. Not too shabby considering if I ate at a fast food restaurant it would have almost been the same price! My body will thank me later. With that being said, I am going to sign off.



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