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June  4th, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying your day off or if you are hard at work, I hope it goes quick so you can have some time to relax on this hot summer day.

Today, I am feeling inspired for many reasons but I am also extremely grateful. I spent my morning catching up on sleep, reading an enjoyable book and reflecting. Tomorrow, I will officially start my career at Yelp and although nervous, I am extremely excited. The graduation party I had yesterday made my heart so happy. One of the many reasons why I am feeling extremely grateful today.

If I looked up grateful in the dictionary it would tell me that the word means feeling or showing appreciation of kindness or thankfulness. When I think of what it means to be grateful, I think of a blessing or in other words, being content and having happiness. I am super grateful for every single person that showed up yesterday. It truly meant the world to me to be surrounded with such love and gratitude. There’s no better way to celebrate after completing such a mile stone in my life rather than sharing it with the people I love. So, to all of my friends and family, thank you. Thank you for your gifts, inspiring cards, stellar advice, confidence and more importantly your presence.

When becoming inspired it helps to be surrounded by inspiring people. When surrounded by such people, you become a powerful person. Inspiring people are impactful and desirable. When being in the presence of inspiring people, it makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Growth is something that often times people are doing subconsciously but are not physically aware of. People are able to come a long way within a short period of time and in my opinion, that is pretty incredible. So if that may be you, I am so proud of you! Keep going. Self-improvement is one of the best remedies. People become inspiring when they are constantly a work in progress. Never satisfied with being content and always wanting something more. Inspiring people are able to put a smile on the face of the poor, start a movement and create the inevitable.

After sharing my celebrations and long earned success at my graduation party, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the amazing people that attended. People that come from all walks of life, but are able to come together for such party. People took time off of work, gave me their Saturday, demonstrated their gratitude, smiled and laughed while also enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Sometimes people make comments about my personality and how I maintain it with everything I do but the answer is simple; you. There’s a reason for the smile that is being displayed on my face or the ridiculous sound of my laugh after I heard something that probably wasn’t that funny. I have learned the hard way that anger does not enjoy company. Happiness is key, happiness is desirable and happiness is inspiring. So why not laugh? Why not tell jokes? Why not smile? Life is simply too short to do anything less than what makes you happy.

Lately, I have felt a sense of my “time running out”. Now, you might think, Sara you’re only 22.. What in the world do you mean? You have so much life to live and so much time left to enjoy. However, by that, I mean that time is moving at an extremely fast pace. I feel like it was yesterday I graduated college and still had two weeks until I start my career. Little did I know, each day went by super quick. I’d wake up, eat and by that time it was already 5pm. I think to myself, where did the day go? Why does time move so quickly? Can I even slow it down? I don’t even feel relaxed and I’ve done “nothing” all day. Thus, it is important to take care of yourselves. Don’t overwork yourself, take a break, ask for help and make wise decisions.

As nervous, excited and overwhelmed as I am to start my career I am also ecstatic. It sounds weird to me when I say, “start my career”. That’s a thing now? Man, I need to get with the program. I feel like I am still so college and not so adult. Although, being in the city of Chicago for my orientation last week was refreshing. I felt a sense of accomplishment and bliss. It also made me extremely happy to be back in a city environment because it reminded me of Champaign. Where I spent the last two years studying and cooking up endless amounts of buffalo chicken dip for the important people in my life. How does one go about being acclimated to such city? It’s huge. Well, it will take some getting use to but I am actually excited to start exploring. On a brighter note, some of my friends will be working in the city as well and I can’t wait for those long deserved lunch breaks.

Speaking of new beginnings and friends, I cannot wait to meet all of my new yelp friends. This is going to be a journey for me. One in which I have never thought I would be doing. Sales. Throughout college, it was expressed to me time and time again that I would be good at sales. Me? Good at sales? Well, I guess I am convincing and I definitely do not take no for an answer. It’s interesting to me considering I majored in psychology with a leadership studies minor. How in the world would that relate to sales? I always imagined myself positively impacting the lives of others whom are struggling and being able to heal those who struggle mentally. I assume with my smile and good looks? Nope, I had myself fooled. I love psychology but not enough to further my career in it.

However, just a couple of a days ago, I was asked, “Do you regret majoring in Psychology knowing you are now going to be in sales? Like do you feel like you could have majored in something else or you wasted your time?”. The answer is absolutely not and let me explain. Psychology is one of those things that is difficult to understand. Psychology has taught me how to understand others different from myself, be able to put things into perspective and build relationships. I understand how the brain works and you might wonder how that matters. Well, psychology is such a broad field. It can be used however you would like. In my case, I am choosing to apply that in sales. I can better listen and understand others which will help me when selling a product to a customer. Often times, sales people may fail at their jobs because they are not passionate and or they do not understand the needs of the customer. Luckily for myself, I love talking to others, helping others and being there when needed. I can still help others but in a different way.

I never thought I would be good at sales until the wonderful people in my life made me question that statement. Well why not? I am someone who tends to make the best out of every situation even if I am not good at something. Therefore, it will be interesting to see myself put my passion for helping others into a position such as sales. I know I am capable and can do it. It also helps tremendously that I have a great support system who reassures me that whatever I do, I will do with integrity and confidence. After orientation, I am more excited than ever to help transform businesses and impact the lives of others. This concept is exactly what I always envisioned myself doing and here I am.

So tomorrow, I start the very first day of what will be an exciting rollercoaster ride and I am strapping myself in. When one door closes, another opens. Here is to my last years at U of I closing and another door at Yelp opening. I cannot be more blessed with the experience I am about to embark on but I am ready to conquer it full fledged. I have a hunger for knowledge and am ready to start learning. One of my favorite parts is being able to have immediate feedback. Since when do you get immediate feedback in your life or even in your professional life? Probably not that often. I am fortunate enough to have been told that sales is what you make of it. I was in my head a lot with people commenting “oh, sales, good luck with that!” Until I realized that I am about to enter into a company who is rapidly growing and succeeding in the public eye. I am blessed with this opportunity ahead of me.

“To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Emerson.

Too often we take things for granted and do not spread enough positivity in the world. Is there someone who you can lean on? Someone who is always there for you, despite your setbacks? Someone who you can rely on? Or even someone that can make you breathe a little easier? If so, you’re so loved and so lucky. I have my incredible friends to thank for making my life a little easier every single day. For encouraging me, supporting me and loving me through thick and thin. Moral of the story is when you put yourself in good hands and surround yourself with positive and empowering people, that is who you will soon become. I am blessed with the best everyday and I let them know it. Spread a little positivity today because we all know the world will be a better place.

Moving forward, no matter that life throws at you, no matter if you spilled your milk gallon all over the floor, fell out of the tree, spilled coffee on your shirt on the way to work or overslept your alarm. You are human and it is going to be okay. Even if you alike me are nervous to start your new career or simply nervous to meet someone new, go for it. You never know what could come of something until you try. So for those of you looking for a little inspiration and motivation on this fine Sunday afternoon, here it is.

Think about your current situation. Where are you? Could you be doing better? Do you want to be doing better? Are you inspiring others? Are you being inspired? Are you enjoying your situation? If not, what is holding you back? Money, opportunity, fame? If you don’t have an opportunity, look harder. If you don’t have money, be patient and work hard. If you’re not famous, well, good luck because most of us are not. However, I am sure the youtube business could be a start. The most successful people are the most successful because they took a chance, took a risk and more importantly believed in something greater than themselves.

My dad always said, nothing worth having is handed to you. Work hard and all those things that could improve your situation will improve. Never give up. You are here for a reason. You are going down your current path for a reason. It may be to teach you lesson, learn something about yourself or maybe you’re going down the current path to learn new skill or better yourself. Whatever it is, do it with confidence. You’re beautiful and you’re impressive because most people can’t honestly answer those questions and then do something about it. Instead of thinking of change as a negative word think of it positively and see how your life can transform. If you’re like me and like to have everything planned out before you do it, change it up. Step outside of your comfort zone. Change is okay and while most are not comfortable with is, sometimes it’s the best option. Love the life you live because you were only given one.




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