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Did you say full-time?

It’s around that time to give everyone a life update. Graduation is right around the corner and I am ecstatic. Actually, I couldn’t feel more proud of myself or even feel a greater happiness than the feelings I am currently feeling. On a brighter note, I am home for spring break! Thank goodness, it seems as if I can never catch a break. Life is always seeming to get in the way. Although, it seems as if every time I come home, I am interviewing like a crazy lady. Welcome to adulthood.

While thrilled at being home for spring break, it also brings a lot of uncertainty and doubt. However, I am not so sure why I ever feel those feelings? I have a lot of uncertainty about finding a full-time job post college. I have a lot of doubt knowing that I am doing what I was born to do. How do you get that kind of reassurance? Well, confidence is crucial and a little animal loving is necessary.

Animals have always been a big part of the wegner family. We use to have guinea pigs and plenty of dogs throughout the years. Heck growing up as a little girl my parents even had cats.. That didn’t last long. However, now my sister has two little parakeets as pets that she brings back and forth to both houses. As if 5 kids, 2 birds and a dog wasn’t enough for my family.. We decided to get four little baby beacon ducks. THEY’RE THE CUTEST! Ducks… Yes, ducks.. Holy smokes. Although cute, what in the world is going on?! This was so random yet such a wonderful decision. These ducks have really brought life to our family and have been a nice focal point.

They are getting bigger by the day, however, when they get old enough they will eventually live outside. Since we have a beautiful pond outside in our backyard, they will become outside pets. However, it is a little cold outside for them to grow up out there. In the meantime, we have been slowly letting them play outside. Today was the first time they were all outside in the grass together since it had been warm enough. They were in love and had all the room in the world to run around without a care in the world. Even though they are extremely cute, being home was also super stressful.

Coming home gave me so many feels; I was ready to start taking naps while falling asleep with my puppy on the couch and eating lots of unnecessary food. However, most of my days were spent refreshing my e-mails for responses from prospective companies. The waiting game is never fun. However, after interviewing in Chicago, I knew that I gave each company my 100% and if they did not ultimately choose me, I knew it wasn’t because I didn’t give them my all.

I am someone who is constantly giving everything my all, even on the worst of days. I would like to think that I got that from my father. He is someone who no matter what the day looks like, is always giving his 100%. I definitely get my drive and motivation from him. He makes me want to be a better me.

While balancing graduation coming up, sending out announcements and looking for jobs.. I stumbled upon another opportunity that is yet to come.. I am certainly a busy bee and do not know how to live any other kind of life. I love to stay busy and definitely have that go get it attitude. I mean, if there is something you want in life, go get it? Why wait? I seem to like the challenge. Although, I love staying busy, I also kick myself for it later.

The time has finally come where all my hard work will eventually start to pay off. The end is in sight. With just over a month until graduation, I took an incoming call. This incoming call will change my life forever, I am sure of it. In fact, after I await a background check to be sent in, I will have a full-time job! Actually, I am having difficulty because I use to worry about finding a single job… Now, I have two to consider who really want me! This is crazy! How did this happen? How could more than one company like me and see something in me so fast? I started applying in February only in March to find out that I will be accepting a full-time position only a month later.

Of course I make it sound easy.. It has definitely been a long road. I have interviewed at least 6 times with one company and only 3 with the other. However, both companies are quality and offer amazing things to be as an employee. I cannot wait to sit down and critically think about this life changing event. It has finally come. Everything I had been hoping for.. Everything I had been afraid of for so long is finally coming true. I am going out into the real world after graduation with a full-time job. WOW. Is this really my life? Hard work and dedication truly pays off.

Even though it has still not hit me that I will have a salary job after graduation, I still am keeping busy. Since I graduate in a little over a month, that is still a lot of time! In terms of a lot of time, I have so many more memories to make while working hard. I have taken on two jobs this semester, one at Ulta Beauty and one at Macy’s so I can keep busy. Most would call me crazy considering I am still involved in a crazy amount of organizations on campus. However, I love being busy as I said before and I love the rush. I am still awaiting approval from the office of registrar with a list of students who are eligible to join my organization that I started on campus.

This organization was something that was on other campus’ and not on mine. Well, I asked myself the question, why not? I was determined to get it on campus and sure enough, I am now the founder and president of the Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement (SCLA). As many of you know, I do have a leadership studies minor that I am working on completing but leadership is my calling and something I am passionate about. So, why not start an organization that can only hit the ground running especially leaving it in the best hands when I graduate?

On top of working two jobs, starting my own organization and being involved in nine other organizations, I still manage to interview and find jobs post graduation. How do I do it you ask? PLANNERS. I have three of them to date. One of them for work, one for extra curricular activities (organizations) and one for school. Being a senior at a four year prestigious institution has taught me a lot. I have had numerous resources and unforgettable experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime to come. However, I will forever and always be an Illini. That is truly when I became a successful, and independent individual.

So, leaving you with positive vibes and happiness, the best is yet to come. As I await a call tomorrow or Wednesday, I will accept my first ever full time job offer and couldn’t be more excited. As of now, stay smiling and enjoy this week!

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