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Big Mac Sauce

January 26th, 2017

On this gloomy morning in Champaign, I woke up for an interview in which I had at 9am this morning. Afterwards, I got myself ready and prepared myself before leaving my building to go have lunch with my friend, Gabby. Since Azzip Pizza on campus is basically my life, I decided to head there with Gabby for lunch since she has never had it before. Well, I arrived at Azzip Pizza at 11:20 like we had discussed. However, Gabby was nowhere to be found considering she was supposed to meet me after class today. I re-look at our text messages to find out what time we had discussed in case I messed up and sure enough, I did. We were supposed to be meeting at 12:20 instead.

Well, now I had an hour to kill so I walked out of Azzip Pizza and started walking down Green Street. I began to see firetrucks blocking off the street from cars and as I began to walk that way, I had smelled smoke. I realized exactly the same thing the fireman realized. There was a scent of smoke but no fire to be seen. While I wanted to stay and watch, I walked down to the crosswalk to cross the street and was standing outside of McDonalds which happened to directly across from them. Since it was freezing outside, I decided I would sit in McDonalds and see what was happening considering friends lived in this area and I wanted to see if everything was going to be okay. Before heading into McDonalds, I noticed a sign on the door saying that the radio station would be there from 11am-1pm. Could the firetrucks and the radio people have something in common? Well, immediately after stepping inside McDonalds I quickly realized that answer was no.

After stepping foot inside Mcdonalds on Green Street, I was greeted by the door girl and said, “Are you here for the Big Mac Sauce?” I said, “Yeah, I guess”. Not realizing that today and today only, McDonalds was giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Sauce around the world. So, I proceeded to go in and ask the man for a number and as I was watching the fireman and waiting for time to be killed before I could have lunch with Gabby, I realized there was so much going on that I had a hard time following. They were calling numbers every fifteen minutes for people to get a bottle of Big Mac Sauce in which are actually numbered bottles. In the meantime, the radio station was on and off the air and discussing McDonalds and all of their new menu items with some corporate people sitting in booths next to them. A couple of numbers went by and I had no luck. However, it was about noon and they were calling numbers again at 12:15 and by that point I figured I’d stay to see if I won and then leave for lunch since Azzip Pizza was right down the street.

Throughout those fifteen minutes, they had people asking around if anyone knew and could sing the Big Mac song. I, for one did not even know such a thing existed. What in the world was the Big Mac song?! Well… Here it was: The Big Mac Song played in a commercial in the 70’s. If you knew the song, you got a prize. When I say prize, I meant you get a coupon for a Big Mac and or some other trinket items from McDonalds. Watching them as they roamed the room, there were actually at least five people even millennial students who knew the song. I was impressed.

At this point, they are back on air and are going to be calling the numbers on off on air. My number was the last numbered called and I jumped out of my seat saying, “I’m number 40!”. Sure enough, my number had been called. Holy cow! Every pun intended. As I got up from my booth where I had been patiently waiting, I grabbed a bottle of the sauce that they had in coolers since it has to stay refrigerated and took my picture along the wall. I was pretty impressed considering I never win anything. I guess, when you least expect something, it falls right into your face.

Well, that was true today because I left right as Gabby texted me saying, “I am on my way!” and I got on the phone immediately and called my father. I said, “dad, you won’t believe what just happened to your daughter!”. I explained the story and why I was there and how I won and he was floored. He says, “Well, you better not open that bottle! Keep it in the fridge so when you bring it home I can try it!”. My dad at one point actually knew the song growing up and couldn’t recall the whole thing while we were on the phone. It is so cool to me to have something that is apparently a big part of history.

The Big Mac used to be sold for around 45 cents he said and sure enough McDonald’s signature burger made with two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and topped off with their special sauce on a sesame seed bun was originally sold for only 45 cents in 1967. It was first sold in Pennsylvania by Jim Delligatti.

After getting off the phone with him, I immediately sent the picture over to my grandma who had heard about it in Louisville, Kentucky on Good Morning America. I had lunch with Gabby and called her afterwards. She was shocked and couldn’t believe it. Nothing like this ever happens to us Wegners. Sure enough, I went home and put my bottle in the fridge and the rest is history. At this point its been such a long day and its only 2pm. Moral of the story is, big things like this happen when you’re in the right place at the right time. Thank you, McDonalds.




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