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Laundry Day + Bachelor Recap

January 9th, 2017

Following up with my Facebook post earlier, Monday’s are for go getters! I have never been one to hate Mondays. Something about them people dread. I think its because people tend to have so much fun on the weekends and tend to enjoy themselves more because some may not have to work, go to school or do anything other than what they want to be doing. However, Mondays are the day to get things done. The weekend is over and its time to get back into the swing of things. I usually spend my Monday’s getting caught up on laundry. You’d think that I would do that on the weekend but really, Monday to Monday are my laundry days.

Monday’s as a college student while on break are spent filling out job applications, doing necessary laundry, cleaning up your room and of course, catching up on The Bachelor. Monday’s as a college student not on break are spent going to classes, meetings and taking much needed naps. Either way, Monday’s are busy days. I think that is why I like Monday’s and thats because I love to stay busy. Sitting at home throughout break without a job to keep me busy has drove me insane. Although, I completely understand how company’s don’t need holiday help? That is okay, I caught up on some much needed sleep. It’s just another lesson learned and that lesson is that I will never be able to retire because I would be bored.

I am the type of person who is always looking to see what comes next. I am what I consider myself to be, a go getter. According to the Urban Dictionary, a go getter is: someone who wants the best in life and they work hard to make it happen for themselves and nobody stops them. I work hard for every single thing that I am and I believe without hard work, you cannot achieve as much. Speaking of working hard and achieving things, Nick Viall is up for episode two tonight and he is not giving up on love! However, he may be giving up his past, and this time hopefully for good.

The Bachelor was definitely drama filled tonight. I was surprised to see that Nick spent his first group date in wedding apparel. Since this is Nick’s fourth time around, I wouldn’t expect that as a first group date. I would have taken it more seriously. If I was on that date, I am not sure how I would feel. As most of those girls are young, that is not their third or fourth time around and they have not dressed up in beautiful wedding gowns and played the part for “fun”. I think marriage is a serious thing and I definitely did not agree with that group date. When I put on a wedding dress, it is going to be the real deal, not a gamble or a competition. Surprisingly he gave the group date rose to Corinne after she spent the night with countless interruptions, taking her top off during the photoshoots and endless kisses with Nick.

Corinne is something else. She is definitely a cute girl but this cute girl is the one that has a “nanny” if you will at home and she is a “successful business owner”. I am sure she is all of those things and I am sure she is a nice person outside of the show. However, she did give me the mom vibe during the show when she decided she was going to be giving the other women advice on how to act throughout the season. I am not sure how long she will stay on the season. All I know, is that she is definitely heading to be the “villain” of the show and its only the second episode..

I really liked Taylor. I thought she was super cute and super sweet. She definitely seems genuine so far and she really wants to feel that passion for Nick. I think her and Corinne fought it out a little bit on tonight’s episode and it will be interesting to see where the two of them end up throughout the season. It was also interesting to see one of the women tonight inform Nick that she is bisexual and that she may or may not steal one of the girls on the season. I am sure this was a silly joke, but awkward…

Danielle M. got the one on one date and it was adorable. Talk about dream date. They went on a romantic boat ride which involved sitting in a yacht all day long while kissing in the sunset. They also spent the night on a ferris wheel at the Balboa Fun Zone. How cute. It was definitely interesting to hear about Danielle’s past and how she felt about Nick’s past. They both seem to get each other and she is definitely a sweet girl. She ended up getting the rose.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Nick decided to FINALLY let go of Liz. In case you were not aware, Liz was the one who constantly let America know that she met Nick during Jade and Tanner’s wedding. She was Jade’s maid of honor and she also let that be known a couple of times. I couldn’t even count on my own fingers how many times she decided to say that on camera. It ultimately led her to be sent home because I am not sure she knew what she was doing there. She confused Nick more than anything and I feel for him. He did have valid reasons to send her home like: she never got his number to call him after denying him at first, never reached out because she would like to talk in person when they eventually cross paths and that she didn’t know him enough so she came on the show but didn’t want to interrupt him when he spent a month filming Bachelor in Paradise. If that isn’t enough to confuse you, she proceeded to look confused and the whole thing was a mess. She was better off being sent home.

However, as the night continued… Nick went in to inform the women of Liz’s exit and they seemed extremely surprised. Although, it was highly interesting to see the remaining five women and their reactions. They seemed shocked of course and the show decided to end without a rose ceremony. In fact, it will pick up next Monday and as it stands right now is to be continued… Stay tuned until next week to see who gets eliminated. Also, don’t forget to get on a team for The Bachelor Fantasy teams.




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