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January 8th, 2017

SimCity is a fulfilled computer game that is compatible with a MAC and or a PC. I have had this game for about a year or two now and alike Sims 4, I play it for like three days straight and then don’t touch it again for months. The game is definitely addicting in a sense that I played all day today and completely lost track of time. I started around 1pm and then before I knew it, it was 11pm.

Cameron and I had plans today to hangout and lay around all day in bed while playing our computer games. We figured, we never know what to do when we hangout and instead of being boring and watching TV, we would play computer games. This is something we used to do all the time. In fact, Cameron purchased Sims 4 for me last year as part of birthday present. That is how crazy I get over my sims game. He however, was playing a different game in which I cannot think of the name. It was something similar to creating your own little world and then playing around with it.

Trying my best to not use the cheat codes that are all over the internet, I quickly noticed my town about to flip upside down.. At first, I was making making and then it soon switched to making negative money… In that case, I looked up the cheat code for more money so my town wouldn’t shut completely down. All of that hard work and I got ahead of myself. Must be nice to just type in a code whenever you need money and then it is automatically granted to you.. I couldn’t even imagine if that was how it really was in real life.

Sims 4 sometimes scares me. Why? Well, it makes me think of the creator of the game and what exactly his reason for it was. The game, if you think about it, is exactly like real life. Minus the cheat codes for money and full happiness all the time. It gets me thinking about my every move. For example, when I go into the kitchen to make food. Is god programming me to do that? Is he like playing this game and loosing considering the amount of debt our country is in? It always gives me some food for thought.

Although, Sims 4 and SimCity are relatively similar, they are both very different at the same time. One allows you to be the mayor of a city and one allows you to have control over characters. Either way, you’re in control of what happens in the game and I think of that on a deeper level. Either way in life, no matter your education or your job, you’re in control of it. Funny how games like these can teach such valuable life lessons. I bet you have never thought about things this way before. That is interesting to me because often times people just play the game, have fun and call it quits. However, I tend to over-analzye things and really think about them on a deeper level. There has to be some intuition right?

Now, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, I know Sara… I also know that she did not mention anything about food during those long hours of playing her game. Well, you thought right. Cameron and I did take a break and order some pizza. We had a crazy deal on and was able to get a ton of food which included getting my typical cheese pizza and Cameron ordering his typical pizza with chicken and bacon. After a quick dinner break, we hopped right back on. It was definitely a lazy type day.

After finally getting off a little before midnight, we realized that it was time for bed. Cameron said his goodbyes and went home while I snuggled into my covers. It dawned on me today that my birthday is in 10 days! I will be 22 in 10 days! This is crazy. Which also means that in 7 days, I will be heading back to school. Man, I am going to need to get myself back into school mode considering I have been up super late and sleeping in super late. I need to get back on my normal routine or I will be in big trouble. With that being said, goodnight world.



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