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Family Day

January 6th, 2017

RING! RING! RING! Well, I knew that wasn’t the sound of my alarm clock that I set. Somebody had been calling me, and that could have only been one person. That person was my aunt Kim. We had plans to hangout today and after I woke up this morning I was going to text her when I was on my way up to her house. We were going to spend the day hanging out and having dinner together. Well, the phone rings and the volume is blasted all the way up, enough to wake me right out of my deep sleep.

I answer the phone. The conversation went something like this:

Aunt Kim: Hello! Are you awake?!

Me: I am now!

Aunt Kim: I’m bored.. So plans have kind of changed a little bit. I got a call this morning and need to take pictures for the school because we are accepting a check from a newly opened resturaunt. If we get up there by 11, we can get free pizza!

Me: Uhg, okay well let me get in the shower and I will be on my way up.

Aunt Kim: Okay! That sounds great! (In the most cheerful voice ever, almost like she had been awake since 6am.)

After we hung up the phone, I wanted to roll over for a couple more minutes. Besides, what does a college student on break have to do at that early in the morning? I wanted my sleep. So, I rolled over for 5 more minutes in bed and laid with my puppy, Comet. He is too cute in the morning because all he want’s to do is snuggle. It’s hard to pass up that cute of a face. After about five minutes, I decided I would get in the shower and get moving. After all, it was not 8:45. I was showered, dressed and out the door by 9:30. It only takes around 45 minutes to get there which is perfect timing if we had to be to the restaurant by 11.

After arriving at my aunts, I went inside and greeted my other fur baby, Wessie. She is my sassy little west highland terrier. Considering she has been very sick, my aunt has taken her under her wing and has kept up on the vet visits with her. Since being with my aunt, she seems like a much happier dog. We decided that it would be best for her to keep the dog for a while until she got better. Well, she has been getting much better in terms of her skin condition but she is still battling multiple bladder infections. She seems to be in the clear and then all of a sudden she gets a small case of it again. She is an older dog but she still has her spunky, sassy personality. After all, she is having the best time of her life playing with my aunts dogs and getting unlimited toys to play with.

Today, we spent the day running errands and tasting samples at Costco. We also spent a couple hours of our day fiddling with iTunes, only to find out that all I needed to do was update the iTunes on the first computer to sync it with the other computer. (Face slap) Anyways, we went to this pizza place for lunch and I wasn’t too fond of it considering we have a pizza place on campus back at school that is too good. I kept comparing it the whole time even though that is unfair, I couldn’t help it. After hanging around the house the whole day, we took my cousin to weigh in for his wrestling tournament tomorrow and headed out to dinner. Can you guess what we had? We had my favorite, yet again. Portillos. I’m telling you, that place never gets old! Having my usual meal, we had a party of 22 people including the kids and it was a great time. After dinner, we headed back to the house.

After getting back, my aunt gave me some gifts to take home. She is a party lite rep and is amazing when she gives me things to sample. Since my birthday is coming up, she also bought me one of those cool pillows that you see all over social media. The ones where you rub your hand on them upwards and they turn to a different color, and if you rub downwards it changes back to the color. Since my favorite color is tiffany blue, it was a blue and silver pillow. It will be perfect in my room at school. She also gave me the cutest candle holder. It was giraffe themed. When you put a tea light inside and light it, you can see the giraffe print on the outside. It is quite cool.

After being on the computer, I printed out some cute Phi Mu things that I would like my uncle Greg to cut out for me. He is a master with wood and can cut out or make almost anything out of different types of wood. I wanted him to cut letters out for me as well as the lion that is associated with Phi Mu. There were also a couple of other things, however, those are going to be a surprise. It is something that I have never seen before made out of wood and I do not want to spoil the surprise. He should have them done by next week for me to show you all!

Tonight was one of my favorites that I have had in a while. As you all know, I love spending time with my aunt Kim and I am sure the feelings are mutual. We usually spend the day eating delicious foods and doing neat things. Usually, our days have to do with crafting or taking pictures of some sort but we will save that for another day. Today was strictly a family day and I loved every minute of it. It was a relaxing yet fun-filled day. While going through Costco, I also happened to capture a video on Snapchat of my cousin, Caleb. He was being silly as usual and it turned out to be the highlight of the day, while we constantly kept replaying the video. After saying “See you later” to my Wessie girl, I warmed up the car and headed home. Who would have known that 1 degree weather felt like -15 in and outside of the car.. It definitely took a while for the car to heat up on the way home. However, I made it home safely and am calling it a night.



IMG_3757 – Highlight of the night video. (Caleb punches the camera at the end… haha)



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