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Kyoto and Never Ending Love

January 4th, 2017

Happy hump day! It was a freezing cold Wednesday in which it was about 6 degrees outside. Thankfully, I slept until 1pm. However, I was up all night coughing away. Today, I did the usual grocery shopping and tried to figure out dinner for the week. We decided that tonight for dinner, we would all be going to Kyoto, which happens to be my favorite restaurant of all time. By we, I mean, Cameron and I, my brother Nicholas and his girlfriend, Hannah, as well as my other brother, Colin, and his friends Tyler and Rilee. The seven of us had reservations and it was a fantastic dinner.

Kyoto is one of those places again, where I like to get the same thing every time I go there. I especially love going with Cameron because he does not eat his salad and for some odd reason, I can never get enough of their salads. Their salad has some sort of homemade ginger dressing on it which sounds disgusting but I love it. I think I like it so much because it is one of those things that you will never be able to make at home and have it taste as good. I also like their soup that they provide with every entree. Their soup is probably a regular chicken noodle but it has some sort of onions in it and their broth is outstanding.

For dinner, a common favorite at the table was chicken teriyaki. This is by far one of the cheapest things on the menu priced at $16.50 and it is worth every penny. Like stated before, the chicken teriyaki is an entree so it comes with the soup, salad, vegetables, 2 pieces of shrimp and a little scoop of ice cream after. So if you think about it, that is an incredible price for all of that. I also normally get a water because who wants to pay a whopping $3 for a drink nowadays? This time around, I ordered two fried rice bowls and definitely did not regret that one. I went all out considering my birthday is in 14 days… It doesn’t hurt to splurge every once and a while on quality food.

Throughout dinner, we spent the night laughing constantly at our chef because of how silly he was. Whenever he put oil on the grill top he said “oh more baby oil” and whenever he put the eggs on the grill he would roll them slowly while yelling, “EGG ROLE”. It was quite the adventure for the new ones at the table: Rilee and Tyler. They both really enjoyed themselves at dinner and also thought the food was outstanding. My favorite part is when they toss broccoli into your mouth to see if you can catch it and if you can’t they keep trying! It is hilarious to watch. My favorite part of dinner tonight was when the chef asked if we were there for any special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Nick proceeded to tell the guy that if he says yes will the chef give him free food? The chef laughed and said well of course, I will make sure you get your free pineapple at the end of the meal. You look like you’re 35 anyways! Oh. My. Gosh. What a night. After we all had our ice-cream, we proceeded to pay and head home. We all left pretty stuffed.

After a long day, and a fabulous dinner, it was safe to say that I would be hitting the hay early tonight. However, it dawned on me that I had to take Cameron home. His car has been in the shop for the last couple of days so whenever we want to hangout, I go get him and then drive him home. Which is perfectly fine considering he always comes to get me and takes me home when we hangout at his house. We have a good system going for the most part. Lately, we have both been kind of sick and have had a rocky couple of days but after tonight, I couldn’t feel any better about our relationship. The thing I love most about our relationship is that we have the ability to talk to each other in person about our feelings and any doubts we may have which helps rather than addressing them through text messages. Things like that make me happy because I am not so sure that I have ever had this healthy of a relationship.

Looking back, it has been a crazy 6 years with him. We have had many ups and downs and still came out of it stronger than ever. Without Cameron, I would be completely incomplete. He is definitely my person. Rarely do I think people fall in love and then stay in love for years to come. Cameron and I have been in love since high school which makes us high school sweethearts. I could not have been any happier than to have found love so young. I think as a young 16 year old girl, that is what I looked for the most. When I didn’t feel loved as a teenager, I reached out to boys for that comfort. Luckily, Cameron has been with me even through my college career. As I finish up my last semester, I couldn’t be any happier that he is the one I get to spend forever with. He and I will hopefully be engaged shortly after I graduate in May and I can’t even wait.

Throughout college, I have had many friends ask me about if I was sure that Cameron is the one I want to continue life with. If I was sure that I did not want to explore my options away at college. If I was sure that he would not get in the way of my own independence at school. Especially, if I was sure that he would be the one supporting me, rather than holding me back from what I truly wanted in life. Well, I was sure on all of those things. Cameron was not somebody who did the whole college thing. In fact, he actually worked instead. This is not something I was ever proud to tell people, that my boyfriend was a college dropout.. However, everyone had their opinions on the matter and at the end of the day, all that I kept thinking about was that it did not matter what everyone else thought. All that mattered was that he was happy with where he was at and that he was making money for himself.

As someone who is so driven and motivated to be successful, I couldn’t imagine someone not being that way. In this case, I was the motivated one and Cameron was perfectly content with where he was in life. He didn’t need some flashy job or a new car and that is everything that I love about him. The fact that one can be so content is actually comforting. Coming from a family of brothers who constantly buy things and want things, it was refreshing to have a boyfriend who needed nothing to do with any of that. Sure he dresses fancy sometimes and has really nice items but he is in no way materialistic and that is very refreshing. Too often men are trying to impress women with their cars or nice things but what Cameron and I have runs much deeper than anything money could ever buy.

When the day comes that we will be engaged after college and we will be able to finally start a life together, I will be even happier than I am now. I look forward to things like that with him and we are both super excited for what our future has in store for us. We have both have grown up and been very fortunate while doing so and I think that has taught us both a lot when it comes to things we look forward to in the future. I can’t wait to graduate college, hopefully find a nice job and be able to settle down somewhere where I can call home. Until then..



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