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Same thing, different day

January 3rd, 2017

It is still crazy to me that we are in a new year. It feels the same as any other day. Why is that? Why is it that after the first of the year, people think they can automatically start over and change their lives? Why does it take a whole year to make new goals for yourself? Sometimes, I question myself in the same kind of ways. Not that I do not set goals for myself on the regular because I do. It’s actually almost impossible to be working towards an education and not have new goals set for yourself throughout the year. However, I do feel entitled to make myself a new goal every year. It’s very bizarre to me considering most of them never last more than 2 weeks for most people.

Clearly, I still have long before I head back to school, so I have been pondering life. I constantly think about random things about why we as humans do the things we do. I think that is part of my psychology interest speaking but it is extremely interesting when you think about it. I have also always wondered why people are always trying to be something they will never be. In this case, I can use myself as a perfect example. Why am I always trying to lose weight? I know in my mind that it probably won’t ever happen, yet I still try. Now, that may or may not be because of a negative mindset from the beginning but I am being honest with myself. I enjoy food too much and I definitely do not enjoy running… So how could I possibly lose weight?

After all, many Americans New Years Resolution is to live a better life or “lose weight”. Our country has become an obese country because of the number of fast food joints on every corner of almost every town. Grocery store food has become more expensive than simply going through a fast food drive through. We are facing an epidemic.

Losing weight, first of all, starts with a belief that you will do it. Not that you can take diet pills, starve yourself and or even cut out carbs completely. When people tend to do those things, they tend to gain the weight and some added weight back after they get to where they want to be. Losing weight, for me, has been something that I started doing as part of a study at school. I knew that there would be a money reward at the end of working out for a couple of times a week for 8 weeks. However, once I started on the treadmill, I started to naturally want to eat better. I started having a salad with every single dinner meal and I loved it. It was something I did because it made me feel better and I think it becomes easier for you to lose weight when you aren’t necessarily trying. It also helps to cut the portion sizes but not drastically. When you make one simple change and stick to it for a while and then make another one after that first change becomes permanent then it becomes a lot easier and a healthier way to lose the weight.

Besides losing weight, I hope everyone’s New Year Resolutions truly come true. I hope this year is filled with people sticking to their goals and sticking to the things they promised themselves that they would do. You have never fully let someone down until that someone was yourself. This year, I hope you can all do everything that you say you will. After all, there is no point in saying something if you are not willing to stick to doing it. Be more honest with yourself and others. See how much of a change that alone gets you. My point in all this is, that you never have to make drastic changes for the new year. Something as simple as writing at night or being nicer to people is a good place to start. Once you feel like you can excel at that, go ahead and challenge yourself again. Life is all about challenges, and certainly about pushing yourself to be a better you.

Looking back upon my day, I can say that I am still unfortunately sick. However, I do think I am getting better. I have spent another day in bed and while bored out of my mind, it might actually be helping. I did go out and get some fresh air today though. I spent the morning picking up my sister, Kaitlyn and my boyfriend, Cameron. We headed to the mall to go shopping since Cameron and Kaitlyn had Christmas money to use up. Cameron got a nice hoodie from Tilly’s and Kaitlyn got a bunch of things and even has money left over! What a surprise that a 10 year old did not spend all of her money in one day. I am actually proud of her. After that we headed to Chilis, where kids eat free on Tuesdays. Cameron finally used his gift card for a nice lunch together. Chilis is definitely one of my favorite restaurants to eat at, although I am kind of getting sick of it.

Other than that, I have been home resting. Spending time with my brothers and their friends was the highlight of my night and here I am again back in bed. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Last night, I was stuck coughing mostly all night and waking up the poor dog. Tonight, I will spend my night continuing my search for jobs and or internships and see where that gets me. Signing off for tonight.



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