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The Bachelor; Nick Viall

January 2nd, 2017

Waking up this morning to take my father to the airport at 5:30am was a rough one. Driving an hour to and from the airport as sick as I am was not fun. I have this cough that will not go away and my voice is almost absent. However, I did come home from the airport and go immediately back to sleep for a couple of hours. Being sick is truly terrible and I hope it goes away soon. As for today, I spent most of it in my pajamas in bed. I watched television almost all day on my laptop and relaxed. Only 16 more days until I am back at school celebrating my 22nd birthday. Speaking of school, it is crazy to think that I do not go back until the 16th, which is basically still 2 weeks away.

While enjoying my night at home, I realized that sometimes it is okay to be in your own presence. I spent the night relaxing with a face mask, a nice hot shower, painted my nails and moisturized my face. Sometimes you need a little pampering to get you through a long tiring day. It’s interesting to me how I can lay around all day long and not leave the house really and be more tired than if I was at school running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Tonight will definitely be an early night.

Last night ABC aired “The Bachelor: Countdown to Nick”. After watching this episode, I could hardly wait until tonight for the Bachelor to finally return on ABC. It was great being able to watch all of my favorite couples on the show because I have watched the show since Trista and Ryan tied the knot plenty of seasons ago. Some of my favorite couples include but are not limited to: Kaitlyn and Shawn, Ben and Lauren and Jade and Tanner. One of my favorite bachelorettes of all time was definitely Emily Maynard. Something about her made me want to be a better person; she is very poised. Just like all of the other seasons of The Bachelor, this might be one of the craziest seasons yet.

Nick as the bachelor… I cannot seem to gravitate towards him. Nick is someone who seems genuine but his actions speak louder than his words often more times than not. He is now back for his fourth time on television to find love. I give the guy props for putting himself out there like that. However, isn’t enough, enough? While there are plenty of other ways to find and fall in love, television seems to be where Nick has had the least success. Will he find love this season? I am not so sure. He may find it, but I am not sure the women feel the same way in return.

Nick definitely made a fool of himself going on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette because he was rejected already once by Andi. He made himself “the villain” and after coming in so late into Kaitlyn’s season, he only made matters worse for himself. Nick, in my opinion, wanted to be genuinely interested in Kaitlyn but the other men in the house helped him ruin his chances at love on that season.

Coming into the 21st season with Nick as The Bachelor, I am intrigued to find out what will happen. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been one of my favorite shows since I was a young teenager. I also loved their spin-off Bachelor in Paradise. I find these shows to be ones that I fall in love with as the journey progresses for each contestant. I know people think these shows are scripted but for some reason I believe in them and try to defend myself. Is it because I am a firm believer in love? Is it because the love story is too good to disagree with? I will never know. What I do know is that I will continue to dedicate every Monday night to this show despite who they say the next Bachelor or Bachelorette will be. I think it is a good learning experience if everything to learn from.

Before the show begins, I have joined a fantasy league with a couple of friends from school. Right now, I projected Vanessa to be the girl he proposes to at the end and hopefully says yes. She is beautiful in her own way and I think nick will like that about her. I also think Corinne will be in the running only because she is psycho. Her previews on TV have shown her getting naked and trying to be a sex panther for Nick. While he seemed in the commercial to not like it, I am sure that boy wouldn’t mind another night behind the closed doors. He did it on Kaitlyn’s season and he can certainly do it again while disrupting other girl’s feelings towards him. Although, it will be interesting to see what happens with the girl that is supposed to return from Nick’s past. Word on the street is that her name is Liz and she is from Jade and Tanner’s wedding. How could Nick hook up with the maid of honor at his friends wedding? Shallow.

I cannot wait to see this season unfold as what Chris Harrison likes to say, “The most dramatic season in Bachelor history”. I wish Nick the best of luck and hope he does find true love, despite his past mistakes. I believe everyone is deserving of love and I think he will find it this time. Even though, usually, the third time is the charm. Maybe the fourth might be luckier? Find out tonight during The Bachelor on ABC.



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