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A Day in The Life

January 1st, 2017

As promised in my last post, I am going to be blogging every single day for 364 more days this year. I aspire to grow as a person this way by being in control of my thoughts and feelings as well as reflecting on my days. Being a full time college student has made me forget about my days and solely focus on deadlines and this semester, I am hoping to change that.

Today, I began by waking up to my best friend and by best friend I mean the love of my life, Cameron. As he showered and got ready, he kissed me on the forehead and whiffed out the door on his way to work. I guess I couldn’t get enough of him in the previous years, so I decided to bring him into 2017 with me. Waking up today into a new year is crazy to think about. I spent New Year’s Eve with people that mattered, baking tons of food and popping champagne.

While lying in bed pondering what I will do with the first day of the new year, I decided to text one of my best friends and head to Portillos for lunch. This is by far one of my favorite places to eat and I get the same thing every time; hot dogs with cheese sauce, a large cheese fry and a small root beer. Basically a heart attack waiting to happen. As Dakota and I drove to Portillos, we spent the car ride catching up since the last time I saw her. There is just something about spending time with friends and being able to just pick up and go.

After lunch, I came back home and my brother had just gotten off of work. He came home with a bright blue Best Buy bag. I could only imagine what he had bought himself this time. He must have been inspired since he work’s inside of a Best Buy store as a Samsung Associate. He came through the door, and carried a big smile. I asked him what he possibly could have bought and he said a present for himself. Imagine that. Turns out, I opened the bag and there was the new MacBook Pro laptop. A Samsung rep buying an Apple product… Isn’t that illegal? Anyways, he asked me to help him set one up and that is what we spent the afternoon doing. Bonding time is what I consider that time to be.

After that was set up, he began playing around with it as I downloaded the important applications necessary. My father came home from being out at work all day long and asked me to take a ride with him to another job. This was an hour away, and my initial response was absolutely not. However, I realized that working alone all the time is probably not ideal and since he would be heading out of the country tomorrow for business, it would be nice to continue the family bonding going. I decided to go and be his “spotter” since he had to ride on a giant lift to put in some parking lot lights.

While at work with my dad, it struck me. I never really realized the things my father did for a living. I never lived a day in his shoes and I never wondered what it would be like to have a job in the trades in our day and age. That is incredible work and something we take for granted every day. The simple concept of good lighting. Without lights, this would be even more of a scary world. This job, like many other, is incredibly stressful on him. This job is full of people who don’t pay him on time, long hours worked and money spent on the job before you ever see it in your pocket. On the contrary, this job is also full of rewards in a sense that you provide for people around the world, meet new people and experience the world in a different view from the rest of us.

I have always been extremely grateful for my father and have supported him in his every move. However, this caught me off guard. He truly does do the impossible and for that, I look up to him. Looking at my dad, I see hard work, passion and an overworked man. For all of the things he does and even all of the things he doesn’t do, he is my hero. For a man to be so selfless and to care so much for his children, it amazes me what his day to day looks like.

It is important for us as children to recognize the things our parents do for us. It is even more important for us to realize what they do for others as well. Does your parent spend their time saving people from fires? Volunteering? Giving speeding tickets so others are safe on the road? Attending college? Or even being the best version of themselves that they know how to be? Parents do so much for us. In fact, parents are whom we usually learn the most from. We learn who to and to not be and what lessons are important enough that we move on and teach our own children.

I may not have both of my parents in my life but my dad is someone who can play both roles so gracefully. He has taught me how to be loved and more importantly how to love others. He has taught me the true meaning of not only work but hard work. My dad has taught me how to be myself and how to be successful despite his mistakes. More importantly, the best thing my father could have ever taught me has not been how to change a tire, or a lightbulb, but how to love myself. Nobody is perfect, and there is no reason to try to be something perfect because that is not real. Everyone makes mistakes; learning from them is the true testament.

After all, I do learn my own lessons and I have done more on my own because of the person I am today but I will always look to my father for life lessons. If anything, tonight has taught me to respect your parents for who they are. Love who they are and embrace it because if you have a good relationship with your children then you are the richest person in the whole world. Lesson learned from day one: Money cannot and will not buy happiness.



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