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Time Management in College

College can be an adjustment for many new students. For the first time, you’re on your own, not necessarily spending your whole day in class, and have to manage your own schedule with little outside help.

The best way to manage and balance school is to break it into steps and take it slowly. Don’t forget to focus on your responsibilities in the right order, starting with school, then adding friends and family, work, and extracurricular activities.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try remembering why you’re in college. Think about your goals and what you really want to get out of your college career. If you’re not clear on these, you can use resources on campus like The Career Center for advice. You can also meet with your academic adviser. Figuring out your goals for college is an important task in determining what you can and cannot handle. Everyone prioritizes time differently.

Personally, I like to get super involved and stay busy. I apply for every single thing that comes my way because the worst they can do is tell me no. I think having many options is key in balancing life at school because it gives me a chance to pick and choose how I want to be involved. Prioritizing and using your time wisely in college is crucial because you do not want to forget about anything or anyone.

Finally, remember to breathe and have fun while staying organized. If you ever find yourself struggling, take a step back and jot things down. I like to invest in a planner. If I know my semester is going to get crazy I will purchase a planner full of creative and fun patterns to keep me motivated to write everything down. Being neat and organized has helped me tremendously.

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