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Rushing Phi Mu & Bid Day

Hi Friends!


The day has officially come where I have decided to join a sorority. Rushing a sorority was never in the question for me because I never felt like I would belong. Especially after transferring, I was under the impression that I should not join as a Junior. I was told that I would not really be accepted and that girls usually rush as Freshman and Sophomores. With that being said, I never rushed as a Junior last year. This year, I am not really sure what changed my mind considering I am now a Senior. I actually told myself that I was going to join a volunteer fraternity and get even more involved that way. I decided strongly against it because after going through their rush process, I realized it was not going to be for me.

It was not until I was talking with one of my good friends, LJ, when she began to tell me about Phi Mu over lunch. She told me with excitement in her eyes that she was rushing for them. Until she had told me about them, I had never heard of them before. Then I began seeing them tabling on the quad and stopped to talk to one of the smiling faces. I found out that Phi Mu was once on campus and is making a return. This is a charter sorority and that if I joined I would be one of the first Phi Mu’s at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While the idea of being in a charter sorority sounded awesome, I had decided to keep it under my radar and learn more about it before consulting with anyone about their opinions. Of course I wanted to join because I do not ever turn down anything but more importantly I wasn’t sure why I wanted to join. I had a feeling inside of me that I didn’t know I could have. Was I seriously considering joining a sorority? Was I seriously going to be that girl rushing as a Senior? What if I didn’t get accepted? All of these thoughts rushed through my mind but I decided to go for it. I would not know if I was good enough unless I tried.

A couple of weeks went by and rushing a charter sorority was much different than rushing any other sorority. The process included an interview, attending an info session event and also creating an account and signing up online. Going through the interview, I was not even intimidated nor nervous. I was definitely myself and felt like I could connect with Phi Mu’s values extremely well. Phi Mu’s values are Love, Honor and Truth. Those values spoke to me and unlike any other sorority on campus I fell in love with the chapter consultants. Going through the interview was a breeze and I left feeling like I had so much to give.

As part of the rush process, I was told that I had to attend one event. The event I chose to attend was called, “Picture Yourself Phi Mu”. While attending this event, I walked in and saw nothing but the color pink. Now, everyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with tiffany blue and am not a big fan of pink. For some reason, this time I just didn’t mind. I loved ever aspect of it from the tables with pink cups filled with delicious lemonade to the chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. I sat at a table of around eight different girls and we all patiently waited for the event to start. In the mean time, I met some pretty cool girls that I didn’t realize I would be calling sisters in a couple of weeks. The event was very informational and at the end we spent a lot of time taking pictures with the different props they had to offer.

Now that I have completed all of the rush events needed to rush Phi Mu, LJ and I had decided to grab some dinner a few days later. This was the night before Bid Day which fell on October 1st, 2016. We both decided to tryout a new place on campus called “The Hub”. As delicious as it was, we were scared to know whether or not we would receive a bid to join Phi Mu the very next morning. They had drop ins from 9am-noon and LJ and I wanted to go promptly at 9am.

Waking up the next morning, I woke up around ten o’clock with my phone dinging like crazy. It was LJ. She had been up all morning anxiously waiting until 9am to go and get her bid. I looked at my phone and it read, “Sara….”. At that moment I knew she got it. I really wanted this for her and could not have been more excited. She told me she had received a bid and was going to accept! She couldn’t wait to see if I got in so I hurried up to put on some clothes and out the door I went. In the meantime, Jaclyn, my roommate was asleep in her room. She also rushed Phi Mu and we both agreed to go at different times in case one of us didn’t get in.

After throwing on some clothes but trying to look somewhat decently cute, I texted LJ once I got to the union. I had to go in the elevator up to the 4th floor where my bid was awaiting me. I went in the room and told them my first and last time. They had a giant smile on their face and if that wasn’t a big enough clue, I do not know what was. I was told to not open the envelope until I either got back to my apartment or left the building. As excited as I was, I got right back into that elevator and opened it up so fast before I could even get to the main floor. I peeked at it and it read, “Congratulations” and that was enough for me. I shoved it back into the envelope and did not even bother to read the rest. I was so excited I had to text LJ right away and let her know that we are now sisters! Anxiously walking back to my apartment, I first called my dad. He is my biggest supporter and this news had to be shared with him first. He could tell on the phone how excited I was and how my smile extended from ear to ear. I then proceeded to call grandma, and we all know grandma was excited for me just like she always is when I call.

I finally got back to my apartment, went upstairs and was expecting to wake Jaclyn up. I got into the room and she was gone. She had already woken up and went to get her bid. I texted her and asked where she was and if she got her bid yet? She replied, “I am on my way there now.” I had knots in my stomach because what were the odds that I got in and also LJ and then on top of that my roommate, Jaclyn. She made her way back to the apartment and we did a roommate exchange video. I video taped the whole reveal and it turns out that she went from being my roommate to now being a sister of Phi Mu as well. This was great news.

Once we got our bid cards we had to hurry up and get ready because there was going to be a big celebration party at 3pm. LJ and I walked over together and were more than thrilled. Once we got to the celebration we signed in and were one of the first ones in the door when all we heard were chapter consultants and girls from nationals clapping and screaming for us. It was nice to feel so welcomed by so many different people in which we have yet to meet. We went by the first table to grab a name tag, then we proceeded to get a cute bag that had a camelback water bottle in it along with a Bid Day T-Shirt and a computer decal sticker. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! After we put our shirts on, we quickly got in line to get our face painted with a cute design. We also had the chance to buy apparel, take pictures with our letters for the first time and meet all of our beautiful sisters.

After a couple of hours we took a group picture with all of our sisters in it and about 175 of us accepted our bid. Just hours before this day, I went from having 3 brothers and only one sister and after today I gained about 100+ new sisters! This is something I have always wanted and that is to find my place away from home. After growing up with tons of hardships I now know that these sisters will never leave me and that they will always be there for me. I am more than grateful to call all of these beautiful girls my sister and I cannot wait to see what this year brings us. Even though I am a senior, I will be getting much out of this experience with the help of my sisters. This is where I will go to my first block party, get an official twin, wear pink, throw what I know, attend my first fraternity and the first time I will go out on a weekday. I could not be more proud to call myself a Phi Mu and am forever grateful for Bid Day 2016. φM

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