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Large Lecture Halls

It’s the first day of class, and you make your way nervously to what you hope is the right classroom. You start to feel overwhelmed, quickly. You step inside the door and see a lecture hall with many rows and chairs.

Setting yourself apart from your more than 100 classmates can be a challenge. But, if you make sure you are engaged, you shouldn’t have a problem.

The easiest way to set yourself apart, in my opinion, is to sit in the front couple of rows. It may seem intimidating, but if you arrive early enough, you won’t have to walk past as many students. After all, it is your education and you should take charge of it.

Sitting close to the professor allows you to ask questions throughout the lecture. The instructor is more than likely to remember you if you’re in the front rows, as well, because he or she will see you repeatedly. Teachers notice those who pay attention in their classes.

Paying attention in a large lecture hall can be impossible if you’re unprepared and sitting in the back rows. Computers are great for taking notes, but I sometimes get distracted by my social media outlets. Therefore, trying to at least have a piece of paper and writing utensil out may help.

Engaging with your professors will be one of the most important things you can do as a student. You’ll have an easier time learning – and your instructors will have an easier time teaching – if you’re engaged in the material and have questions.

Even if you don’t have questions, go visit your professor during office hours and take advantage of the time set aside for you. Even a short conversation with your professors a couple times throughout the semester will allow them to get to know you. This could help you in the future – if they know you, they might be willing to write you a letter of recommendation in the future. Remember, professors are resources. They want to help you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here.

And finally, I suggest finding a group of friends to study with. Or, gather a study group in the app GroupMe. That way, if you ever need notes or help with studying, you’ll have someone to contact. By making friends the first couple days in class, you’ll allow yourself to make that large lecture hall feel cozier.

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