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FabFitFun is something I recently started looking into. I have seen celebrities like the Bachelorettes, Teen Mom’s and many more gushing over this “box” idea. On Instagram specifically, I have seen these women taking pictures with their boxes full of goodies and or displaying them on Snapchat to view the pros and cons of the box they received. Usually there are no bad comments on the items received because you know what you’re getting prior to purchasing.

Throughout more research I came to find that they are seasonal subscription boxes. You can choose to get them at any point of the year and you can also cancel at any point as well. I have seen the summer box and in the one previously for this summer I saw cute things such as but are not limited to: a cute pink wireless speaker, a jump rope, hair products such as sea salt spray and also seen cute totes as well. Then I started to find out that each box has over $200 worth of items in them and they only make you pay $49.99 a month! Which of course if you see someone gushing about it you’re more than likely to use their code at checkout and get $10 off making it only $39.99 a month! This is crazy to think that you can get everything in that box for $39.99 at a flat rate. You never pay shipping or taxes considering it is already included.

Usually things such as this I steer away from because who has extra money every month to just throw at a “box” of stuff especially if you’re in college. Let’s be honest you would probably rather spend that money on going out with friends for lunch. With that being said, I was skeptical about thinking of jumping on this bandwagon before I saw what the fall box had to offer… I began looking into FabFitFun more and more and found that after I order my first box with the discount of course I could cancel right after I receive my box at no additional cost.

This was appealing to me in the sense that I would only pay and receive one box and that way if I wanted to eventually buy the next seasons box, I could make that choice when the time came rather than worrying about being charged monthly for a box I may not even end up liking. This clarity made me feel so much more comforted when making this purchase of the fall  box. I could not get over some of the items in the box considering I know how much they would cost normally if I were to buy them separately. For example: the beautiful mod cloth that has the colors of fall or the pure minerals nude eyeshadow palette! Both of those things are right up my alley and alone made the box that much more worth it for me.

After I looked at all of the items in the box, I realized that I had already made up my mind and that someway somehow I was going to get that box! I was determined to go out and scavenge around to come up with some extra money to make this purchase. My dad always taught me, “If you want something bad enough you will end up working for it to get it”. Nothing is free in life or handed to you except for the happiness you feel when you get a present from yourself.

Since receiving the box I have been so excited and have been telling all of my friends about this purchase I had made. I have the best intentions when telling people that it truly is worth it and not another one of those scams. With that in mind, I figured well if I am this passionate about it I should do something about it! So, I went on and decided to fill out an application to partner with FabFitFun.

After about a day and a half of review, I was accepted into the affiliate program and am now considered a #fffpartner. This means that I will be featuring and trying out all of the items in the boxes! I encourage everyone to at least try one box for themselves because honestly I promise you will not regret it! I also have a little treat for anyone that decides to make a purchase! With code HARVEST you can get $10 off your first box courtesy of me working with FabFitFun! This is not a monthly subscription box, rather a seasonal subscription box if you so choose. FabFitFun boxes are seasonal meaning Winter (December), Spring (March), Summer (June) and Fall (September).

FabFitFun is something that I am grateful for because being in college and as busy as I am sometimes it reminds me to treat myself. I deserve just like everyone else to treat themselves once and a while and research has shown that it is healthy to treat yourself or do something for yourself. So if you’re in the boat of haven’t treated yourself in a while, let FabFitFun be that treat showing up to your door full of cute products and coupon codes. Not sure about other college students, but when I receive something even if I purchased it myself it makes me feel good and that is exactly the point.

For anyone that is like, “Okay where do I sign up?!” You can click the link at the bottom of this blog and use code HARVEST at checkout for $10 off like stated before. This way, I can keep a list of everyone that purchases and make sure you’re loving it! I hope everyone does consider trying out a box because it made my whole day yesterday when I received my first box.

Keep a look out within the next week or so for a blog coming soon on all of the products in the box and what my opinions are for each one! I can’t wait to see what you all think and am excited about this new journey!

As always, sending love and positivity your way!



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