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Country Thunder 2016

Country Thunder this year was July 21nd-July 24th and it was probably the most fun I have had in a long time. Like stated in my previous blog on Landing a Job with Country Thunder, I have never been before and this was my first time. I was not on the fun, wild and crazy side of this concert but I was fortunate enough to have been working it instead. This was something that was completely okay with me considering I am not a huge partier as it is.

Actually working for Country Thunder was amazing. My job was to be a driver for anyone backstage that needed it including artists, managers, DJ’s, truck drivers and simple runs to the gas station for some bags of chips. This was the best possible scenario for me considering on my down time I was able to sit in the air-conditioned unit we had backstage. I stayed well hydrated with the free water and dinners I was provided with.

I could not say enough great things about my boss. She was the sweetest to me and during our downtime when there was not a drive scheduled we were able to walk around the site and enjoy the country music. I was fortunate enough to have been able to go to the VIP section and stand right up against the stage and get excellent pictures of the artists. How much better could my job get?!

Being backstage was amazing because I felt as if I was treated just like I was an artist. We had security so that nobody was able to come backstage other than those with select passes and wristbands and they were all so friendly.

The lineup was as follows:



Each artist that went on gave their own version of a private mini concert to everyone in attendance and being able to hear so many different artists in the time span of a weekend was awesome. I got to hear some of my favorites play and some artists in which I have never heard before but grew to like some of them a lot!

That weekend was a crazy weekend to say the least! I pulled a double shift each day that weekend by starting my mornings off at Ulta in IL and finishing my nights at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, WI. It was all worth it though.

The first night which was Thursday ended up getting called off due to bad storms and rain so I did not have to attend work that day. Then Friday the heat was ridiculous and reached up to 100 degrees. Now as for me, I am terrible in the heat so the air conditioning really came in clutch when I felt like I was getting too hot. Then as the night went on the storms came rolling in again and left everyone leaving the grassy area and back to their campsites. Everyone who had passes and if it was rained out was lucky enough to be invited back for another day of their choice to enjoy the music.

IMG_0805On top of everything I had going on that weekend, I was blessed to have had the chance to meet Jake Owen in a meet and greet. The rain came in and one of the guys running the show was unsure if a lot of people would make their way back to meet him because of the rain. So with extra tickets in his hand he asked if I wanted to meet him and without a doubt I said yes!

Standing in line gave me chills because I have never met a famous person before. Not only that but it was Jake Owen. Talk about girl crush. As I put my umbrella down and approached him he said, “Hi! What is your name?”. I said “Hi, my name is Sara!” as excited as I could be with a smile extending from ear to ear. He said, “Hi Sara, my name is Jake with a “K””. I was slightly confused and proceeded to say well nice to meet you Jake with a K I am Sara without an H! He thought that was cute and he proceeded to hug me. We took a picture together and he signed my staff shirt. I said thanks gave him a high five and grabbed my umbrella and headed out into the rain. That was the end of that 3-minute conversation but it was incredible to meet such a humorous guy.

Country Thunder 2016 was an incredible experience for me and I look forward to attending next year as well. I was asked to come back and be a driver for next year and gratefully accepted. There are not many times in life where you get the chance to experience amazing things more than one time and I was taking full advantage of having the time of my life all over again with the greatest staff.

Along the way, I was shy at first but opened up quickly. I think I was the youngest on the staff and it was relieving to know that most of them were able to help me out if needed. Most of the staff had been there for at least two or more years but there were a couple of people that were there for the first time this year as well as myself.

IMG_0907I met some great people and we hung out on downtime and walked around during the concert and lived a relaxed and eventful weekend. Another experience in the books and I am ready to make more memories next year already! For anyone who has never attended I would suggest finding a way to do so because it was unreal. One of the girls that I worked with was not even a huge fan of country music but still offered to drive and help out and ended up loving it as well and listened to some of the artists even though she had no idea who they were.

Country Thunder was an experience I will never forget but am lucky enough to have put myself out there to land the job. Sometimes in life you have to do things in order to get to where you need to be. With this job experience under my belt it gave me confidence to work on my photography skills, people skills and also meet some cool people along the way.

Some of you may be thinking, wow how does this girl do it? Or some of you may be thinking oh my gosh In want to get involved or I want to attend and if that is the case go to Country Thunder’s website and check it out!

A huge thank you to my subscribers who tune in time and time again for my new postings. I’d love to hear your feedback thus far about my blog in general, postings or even postings you want me to touch on. Feel free to shoot me a message or comment on any of my posts! Thanks a million, everyone!



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