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Travels to South America

United States of America –> Colombia

Monday, August 1st was my last day working at the Ulta in my hometown before I head back to school. It was surreal when thinking back to my first day. I did not feel cut out of the job considering growing up, I was never considered a girly girl or even a girl that would end up having a passion for makeup. I have made some great friends that I hope to come back over holiday break and get the chance to work with again and my managers were great to me. I was truly happy working at this job and that is something that I struggled with in past jobs.

Monday night I was contemplating on how this vacation would all go because I have never really flown before. Also, going to a different country gives me anxiety thinking about it. Coming from a large family, going on vacation was never really in the books for us. We would go to Kentucky to visit my grandparents and that was considered our vacation. So with that being said, I can only imagine going out of the country where I will be exposed to new culture, new people and new food. As much as it makes me nervous, it also makes me extremely excited to see what it’s like out of the place I call home, America.

Waking up at 4:45 Tuesday morning was rough on me because of the lack of sleep I have had these last couple weeks. However, I could not be more ready and excited for this vacation to finally start. Catching up on sleep during this long flight is first on my agenda. I was out of the house by 5:30am and on my way to O’Hare Airport International Terminal 5 with my daddy and boyfriend, Cameron.


As we arrived, I had mixed emotions. I did not know how to feel because I did not feel like it hit me yet that I was basically on vacation now. My whole life has been go, go, go and that is how I function so going to Colombia will be a different experience for me and as most are hoping, I learn to relax. Colombia is a place where the people are very relaxed and trying to fit in might be a challenge for someone as outgoing and loud as I am.

The best part about arriving and going through all of security was that I get to look forward to sitting first class! This means that I get FREE food during the flight and FREE (alcoholic) drinks if I wanted them. I am just hoping that it is everything that I’d hoped first class would be.

We went through security and customs and made our way to our gate. First we grabbed some airport food and my gosh I could have gone to Chili’s for the price of my sandwich and water bottle! I guess we can say cheers to new experiences right?

Sure enough I made it through and found my seat. This isn’t as luxurious as I thought first class would be but it was close enough. On the bright side, I received a free blanket and pillow to recline in my chair with. Anyone who knows me knows that I love getting free stuff even though technically I paid for it with my ticket but hey positive thinking right? Free is free.

Sitting on the airplane and looking out the window, I am blown away. I have never seen the world from such a high point in my life. The sky is beautiful and the clouds are big, white and fluffy looking. I probably look like a tourist already considering the unhealthy amount of pictures I have been taking out of the window… I am fortunate enough to have had the window seat. As for my boyfriend and dad, they have flown a million times so sparing me this seat wasn’t in the question.

I have always been crazy into seeing sunsets, pretty skies, and bright clouds and now I am literally in heaven. Fortunate enough for you all, you get to see the views I am speaking of because these are too good to not share. I have heard plenty of good things from my dad whom travels to Colombia monthly. He says the views are crazy beautiful and the mountains are breathtaking. I am certainly looking forward to this experience that I was blessed with.


Looking out the window as I write this blog is surreal. Who gets these kinds of experiences? Who gets to just pick up their things and leave to another country just for fun? What did I do to deserve this? I could not be more thankful as I see the clouds moving on their merry way outside the window. I think to myself, boy am I one lucky girl. I get to experience a once and a lifetime experience with my two favorite guys. It couldn’t get better than this.

While I continued to sit there in awe at how beautiful our sky and earth is, I realized that I am on this flight for five hours heading to Panama City, Panama. Then when I arrive there I will be waiting about 45 minutes until I board our last flight for the day which will take us right into Pereira, Colombia. After we finally arrive around 5pm tonight we will be heading to the hotel where we will be swimming the night away in the beautiful country of Colombia.

I am excited to embark on this journey with you all and blog my experiences. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience for me and I am going to really make the best out of it. Not only did I pass Spanish four but I have been able to understand almost everything people are saying in the international airport which is surprising to me.

We were flying over the panama canal and I can’t tell if its water or just the bright blue sky. Either way it’s beautiful. Again, thank you to everyone who follows Simply-Sara and thank you for taking the time to read through my blogs.


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