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Swamp Queen

Hello Friends!


As I was already amazed by all of the crazy sales going on at my store, I decided to shop after my shift ended. We had a Tarte event going on and make up artists came in and gave customers a little consolation. It went great! I decided to check out some more of Tarte’s products since I am normally an Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Smashbox type of girl. While wondering around I was debating between getting the new “Moondust” palette by Urban Decay or the “Swamp Queen” palette by Tarte. Again, I have never tried Tarte products so I was stepping a little out of my comfort zone today.

I decided to invest in the new “Swamp Queen” palette by Tarte because I absolutely loved the colors when I saw them. I figured since the stores are selling out like crazy with this palette that it might be something worth purchasing. I grabbed one of the few left on the shelf and was eager to bring it home and try it.

A couple of high school friends and I have decided to go on a girls night out to Lake Geneva. I figured that trying out my new palette would be perfect because I have a reason to get all dolled up! I opened the palette and just admired the colors for a second before I could even swatch them because they were gorgeous. I hear nothing but great things about Tarte overall and this palette just set it over the top for me.

I went outside to get the best lighting to take a few pictures of my palette to show you all before I use it and found my Wessie dog down by the pond in our backyard. Needless to say, I don’t need the palette to have a Swamp Queen because not only is my dog a little queen but she is also now a swamp queen..

She is covered in black filth from the mud by the pond and she is rocking it.. To think that a white dog could turn so dirty and discolored from a pond is disgusting.

The Swamp Queen Palette by Tarte is no doubt, beautiful. However, I stupidly never realized that it smells like chocolate.. Now let me tell you all that I do like chocolate. To an extent. Although, I do not like chocolate all over my face. I was excited to try out the palette but once I realized that the smell was so strong I decided to stray away from it. I figured the less you put on the better because it won’t smell as much but I was wrong. My eyeshadow smelt like chocolate. Who could even say that? How strange. My thoughts and opinions on this palette are very indifferent and after trying it out and loving what I saw on the palette, I did not love what I saw on my face. I decided to wash it off completely and start over.
Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is okay because it shows that you take risks. However, even though this was a tiny tiny risk, it was still a risk I took. I love trying different products but this particular palette is not for me. It did not do wonderful things like I thought it would. So I ended up sticking to my favorite palette by Urban Decay which they call the “smoky” palette. I usually do a smoky inspired eye and love to top sparkles all over. I figured that was the perfect way to go out for girls night.

All in all, I have decided to return the Swamp Queen palette. I know a lot of my friends were going crazy over this palette and still are which I think is totally cool. Most of them were telling me that I had to have it and that it was so pretty and pigmented. I can say now that I tried it and didn’t like it but at least I tried it. Some palettes work for people and other palettes don’t. That is the beauty of make-up. I look forward to trying new things from Tarte but am always keeping that Urban Decay in my back pocket.

Lesson of the day: Do not ever be afraid to try new things whether it be food, experiences, culture and or even make-up. Every thing big and small is a risk and when you take risks sometimes great things happen and other times not so great things happen. The point here is to try. Try new things because that way you can never live with regret. So today, I challenge you to go out and try something new, do something that you have been wanting to try and haven’t or even take a risk by going up to someone and starting a conversation. Today is a day to be adventurous and while we are all being adventurous I am sending happiness and lots of tiffany blue your way today as you try new things!





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