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IMG_0133I am so excited to write my first blog post for you all in regards to my photography! It has been a crazy summer and as many of you know I have been attending my community college trying to complete spanish four. I have also been working a summer job, part time at Ulta and I love it! In the meantime, I have also been trying to finish my scrapbook that I had been making from my first year at a university. As crazy as it has been for me this summer, today I was able to relax a little bit and spend some time outdoors.

IMG_5530The weather has not exactly been cooperating these last couple days. The last two days have been 90+ degrees and extremely humid for my liking so I have not been able to really get anything done. Today has been humid but also overcast with some wind so I was able to get outside.

This morning I woke up and had my usual bagel with sausage egg and cheese and watched HGTV. These are typical mornings for me on days that I do not work until later at night. I decided that since I was up late last night scrapbooking that I would spend some time laying in bed and eventually figure out what my sister was doing with her day.

IMG_0134As soon as she let the dogs out I asked her what the weather felt like. She told me it was pretty humid and that there was not any sun shining. Well, if you know anything about taking pictures you’d know that overcast is the best time for pictures because of the lighting. As a selfie queen on snapchat, I was not about to pass this opportunity up especially since I had just purchased more add-ons for my camera. I began to ask her if she would be my model for the day and she did just that. I told her I would do her hair and put a little makeup on if she would like. She agreed and outside we went.

At first I was not feeling the temperature at all. Although, after being out there for about twenty minutes or so I realized that I had forgotten all about it. I began taking pictures of her in the grass, behind the trees, and by the pond in our backyard. I also took many pictures of my dogs; Wessie and Comet.

While browsing around outside for some other good spots to take pictures we came across many frogs! Like an unhealthy amount of frogs.. Enough to make two girls scream like there was a spider in your shower kind of scream. We knew this ahead of time that going down by the muggy pond will have frogs considering you can hear the bull frogs making noises. As we approached the pond we were looking too closely for frogs and my sister, Kait, stepped into the muddy area and a frog jumped back into the water. She screamed and the dogs took off. IMG_0136

After that we headed for our giant maple tree that had a DIY swing attached to it. It was a little high for Kait to get onto so I lifted her up and was able to get some pictures of her. If she isn’t a mini me by the looks of her you would definitely assume she is after you saw how much she liked her picture being taken. Of course, she is adorable.

IMG_0135After much time passed the dogs were all muddy from swimming in the dirty pond and it was time for us to wash them off and head inside to cool down. Days like today where I can just go outside and hear the birds chirping, the bugs flying around and the moaning of bull frogs is a good day. Despite the weather, it was a very relaxed day which was much needed.

Sometimes it is hard to find time like this to do something you love but there should never be an excuse not to find that time. Not only did I get to spend a couple hours with my sister instead of worrying about school work/studying for my exam, working or being bothered with another task but I also got to have some “me” time. What is life if you cannot stop every once and a while to smell the flowers or enjoy nature?

Taking time for yourself is extremely important whether it be taking pictures, journaling, riding your bike, exercising, taking a walk, watching tv, or taking a little nap. We live in a world that can be very stressful and with daily activities it almost seems impossible to catch a break. However, I could have not been more happy with how my day turned out. I also amazed myself with what I was able to do with my camera.
So if you can take anything away from my day it would be to relax, take time for yourself and also just breathe. You are beautiful and every part of you is that way for a reason. There will be some good days and also some bad days but in between all of that, never forget who you are and what makes you, you.




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