Dr. Lyon’s Calming Aid Soft Chews Dog Supplement

Hello all! Cali & I are very excited to let you know about a Dr. Lyon’s Calming Aid Soft Chews Dog Supplement that we received from Chewy.com. We recieved this item free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for our honest review. A little background on this calming aid supplement is that it helps keep […]

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Chewy Part 2!

This month, Cali received her favorite box once again! For those of you that are not familiar with Chewy, they are becoming the largest pet retailer in the world with the most satisfied customers. June was a month for trying new things. We did just that. This time, we ordered Cali the Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free […]

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The Flood

May 17th 2018, I received a call at 4:39 PM from the fire department letting me know that my apartment had flooded and I needed to come home immediately. The only thing I kept thinking at the time while driving home from work was that I hope Cali was okay. However, “How did this happen?!” […]

Curious Cali

Given the fact that we are still not in our home, Cali and I have been enjoying some time outdoors. Most of which that time includes many photoshoots of the one and only miss Cali. She is growing up that’s for sure! She may not look different in pictures but she is a very sweet […]

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Chewy! Say What?!

We have exciting news!!! OH, and by news, I mean Cali. Cali has good news! Recently we made her an Instagram because not only are we obsessed with her but so is the internet. There are so many dogs out there in which their owners have made them their own Instagram. However, once we made […]

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day for most people around the world. For most, it can also be a traumatic or endearing day. As most of you know, I do not have a relationship with my mom. I feel that she gave up on me a long time ago and have since acted like I […]

Where Oh Where Can I find an Azzip Pizza?

In case you were not aware of my long lost love, Azzip Pizza, here is a little background information. Azzip Pizza opened its first location to serve pizza on February 15th, 2014 in Evansville, Indiana. This is where the founder, Brad Niemeier began his journey. I bet he had no idea the impact his pizza […]

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Cali’s First Easter 2018

Hello all! I hope you’re all still obsessing over Cali like we are. Happy Easter! Cali is a Shiba Inu and needs to be challenged. They are very curious puppies and do enjoy mind games. Therefore, I decided to create a little Easter egg hunt for her. I found the cutest sparkly eggs at Jewel […]

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Meet Cali

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since we have moved in. It became lonely very quickly. Being the busy bee that I am, I decided it was time to expand. Therefore, we have officially expanded our little family with a puppy! Everyone, meet Cali. Cali was an “oops” if you will. Long story short, […]

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Our First Home!

Apartment hunting is never easy. Especially when you consider going anywhere by yourself to find something. That is why we invested our time into a realtor. I was slowing losing hope about finding a place that would be perfect for us and I really wanted to be closer to work. Since my commute is about […]

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